Reading vs. Listening

As bookworms, we all have our preferred formats when it comes to reading.  Some people, well, most people prefer physical books over ebooks.  Or they might like both the same and just prefer ebooks for traveling (me).  But there is another option that many people like to use to consume books… audiobooks.

So I am not a person who really likes to listen to audiobooks on a regular basis.  I’ve only listened to three, and I actually enjoyed listening to them.  Alex & Eliza was great to listen to, as well as The Spies That Bind (a Gallagher Girls prequel, which is only available as an audiobook).  I listened to Stranger Than Fanfiction by Chris Colfer as I read the book becuase I adore his voice.

Listening to audiobooks is an interesting experience because you get to listen to how the narrator portrays characters through voice.  And I find that this can leave an impression as I’ll hear it in my head at random times for a while after listening to the audiobook.

However, as I said, I’m not really an audiobook person.  This is because I have a harder time listening to books, podcasts, etc. without zoning out and having to backtrack to listen to what I had missed.  I think audiobooks are great, especially for those who travel a long distance to work or for those who cannot see very well (or at all)… they’re just not my favorite.

The thing that irks me about audiobooks though is when people say they “read” them.  No… you listen to them, not read.  Sure, you still get the same story, but it is an entirely different experience.  And I’m a person who remembers better by seeing (aka: reading) the words of a story rather than listening.

If one more person tells me they love “reading” audiobooks, I’ll throw an actual book at them.


Do you prefer reading books or listening to audiobooks?  Or do you like both the same?

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