Harry Potter and the Cursed Child [book review]

Let me start off by saying that it is completely obvious that J.K. Rowling did not write this book.  Sure, she had some creative input on the story since they were dealing with her characters and all, but this felt nothing like reading any of the seven Harry Potter books.

harry potter cursed child

The most obvious reason this did not live up to my expectations is that it’s a play format.  Yes, it makes for an easy read because you are just following the dialogue, but there is really no depth to the story or characters.  Typically in novels you are able to get inside the characters’ heads through the narration and the scenery is well described so you can imagine actually being there.  I want to get lost in the world of Harry Potter when reading one of the books… not just jumping from scene to scene with a few words exchanged between characters.

The time jumping in the very beginning threw me off more than once.  One moment Albus is in his first year meeting Scorpius for the first time, then suddenly they’re fourteen and messing up/saving the wizarding world as we know it.  At least once we got to their fourth year, it stayed there.

Once Albus and Scorpius used the Time-Turner and began to mess up events in the past the plot got a little interesting for me.  I personally love the time-travel theme in books and movies and how even one tiny action can change the entire course of time as we know it.  So seeing the boys going back again and again to change a certain event of Harry’s past, while trying to fix mistakes they made previously, was entertaining for me.

However, there was one part of the plot that bugged me.

(Warning: those who have not read this yet and do not want spoilers… do not read the next line)

Voldemort has a daughter?!?  Seriously?

Just… why?

And while it was somewhat nostalgic to see the old characters – Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Draco – it wasn’t all that satisfying because they just didn’t seem the same as the characters I came to love in the series.  Though there were a few good quips between Ron and Ginny, so there was a bit of nostalgia there.  

Overall, I’m going to say that I actually wish they didn’t take the script and put it into a book.  If they were going to do that, they should’ve had J.K. Rowling officially novelize the play and make it a real Harry Potter book.  Otherwise, they should have left it as a play and only a play.

The only part of this book that I actually enjoyed was Scorpius Malfoy – he was a little ball of sunshine that I was not expecting, but loved entirely.  Where can I get one of him?

All I’m going to say is that it’s up to each Potter fan whether or not they liked Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.  Me?  I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either.  

I’m just going to stick to the Harry Potter section on fanfiction.net and call it a day.

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I Miss School (Sort of)

missing school

I know, I know.  You think I’m crazy.  Heck, I think I’m crazy at times, but it’s true.  I miss being in school and most things about it.  I’ve been out of school for just over a year now, and it’s still something I have to wrap my brain around.

Which is partially why I’m looking into graduate school.

Of course, that’s not the only reason.  I’m looking into graduate school because I want to pursue a Master in Library Science degree.  For a while I sort of pushed my library dream aside in favor of video production.  It’s not that I’m not into video production anymore, I would love to work in a studio or freelance, but I’ve always loved libraries and their place in our society.  I’ve wanted to work in one since I was in high school… and now I do.

But I want to take it just a little further.

It will still be at least another year or so before I’m actually back in school.  After all, I need to research what school I want to attend for this degree and that’s what I’ve been doing the past few weeks.  But as we near the end of August I’m seeing all the back to school sales and I wish I was attending now.

I think aside from being in the classroom, what I miss most is back to school shopping.  Even if I didn’t need new supplies, I got them anyway.  School and office supplies have always been a weakness for me, as it is for a few other people I know.  In fact, I just bought a few notebooks because they were only 50¢ at Walmart.

It’s a sickness, honestly.

Even when I do get back to school for my Master’s, I’ll still miss the school environment as I’ll most likely be pursuing the degree online.  There are no local programs for me to go back for the MLS degree in person, so unless I move out-of-state my only choice is online school.  It’s not a bad option though, I actually enjoyed my year of online school through Liberty University back in 2011 to finish my Associate’s degree.

Now I don’t love everything about school.  What I’m not looking forward to about going back are the tests.  I’ve never been a great test-taker.  While I have gotten my fair share of A’s, I have often made mistakes that could’ve been avoided.  Also, the cost of textbooks.  Nothing irritates me more than spending hundreds of dollars on a textbook only to find out that we didn’t even need it in the first place.

Still, I think the pros far outweigh the cons of going back to school.  After all, I’ll be able to further my career, learning more each day and after it’s all done I’ll have achieved something that I know wasn’t an easy thing to do.

I’m a little terrified thinking about going on to graduate school, but at the same time I’m excited to go for something that I enjoy and would really help me in my career.

Are you excited for a new school year?  If you’re not in school, do you miss it?

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Off the Page [book review]


Delilah fell in love with Oliver, a prince from a fairy-tale story book.  It happens to a lot of us – falling in love with a character from a book.  

But did the character return your feelings?

Oliver did.  And in Between the Lines he and Delilah worked together to get him out of the fairy-tale.  Now that he’s out, we get to look into what “happily ever after” really looks like.

Oliver has now taken the place of Edgar, the son of the author who wrote Oliver’s story, and now has to pose as him out in Delilah’s world.  That means having to fit in as a new student at Delilah’s school, which has it’s ups and downs.  As Oliver begins to make new friends, Delilah has to come to terms that she now has to share Oliver with other people – something she hadn’t thought of before getting him out of the book.

Along with Delilah and Oliver’s story, we also get a look as to how Edgar is doing in the book.  While he likes some aspects of being a two-dimensional character, he misses the real world and his mom.  And while the other characters have been very welcoming to Edgar, they still miss their old friend Oliver.

As I read the story I have to admit I was a little bored at first, which might have been because of the pacing of the story.  Once it picked up I couldn’t help but get sucked into the drama including a new romance between two unexpected characters and everyone trying to figure out how to give each of themselves a true happily ever after.  Unfortunately, and I’m not going to say what happens, but not everyone is able to get one.  

All in all, I’d give this book 3.5 stars if I could on Goodreads.  While this book can be a stand-alone as well, it does help to read Between the Lines to get a better understanding of the characters.

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Getting My Groove Back

I know I haven’t been as active here on the diaries this summer.  To be blunt, I’ve just been in a slump.  I want to write, but I either don’t have time to just sit and write or when I do have time, I just don’t feel like it.

That has to change.


I miss connecting with my fellow bloggers and readers out there.  I miss writing about a cool event that happened in my life or something I’m going through, like this blogging slump, and someone out there can say, “Hey, I’ve been there.  You’re not alone.”

Every blogger goes through a slump at some point.  It might not be natural if we didn’t. Sometimes we need a kick in the pants to get us started up again.  I’m trying to do it myself, but I’m admitting that I might need some help.  I’ve been looking up topics that I can cover to get myself back into writing, but I will also take reader suggestions.  So anyone who has a post idea, feel free to submit it into the comments.

Also, I would love to do a Q&A post in the future!  If you have any questions for me, you can leave those in the comments as well or you can even submit them through email (which you can find on my contact page).

Wish me luck on getting my blogging groove back!

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Unexpected Blessing

This past Monday I was slapped in the face… with a job.

I didn’t fill out an application nor did I go in for an interview.  I was simply asked if I could stop by the library and was offered a job that had opened up that morning.

unexpected job blessing

I can’t even begin to explain how happy and excited I am about this new opportunity in my life.  I’ve been trying for the past year to get a job in the library field, applying as a library assistant to any jobs that opened up in my area.  Obviously, I didn’t get any of those jobs.

There’s no way that this wasn’t a huge blessing from God because I mean, the position had just become vacant that morning and for me to be the first person the library director thought of to offer the job to…?  And, come on, a library job?  Yeah, this job is definitely a gift from God.

So today is my first day.  Of course I’m both excited and nervous… but really more excited.  This is what I’ve wanted since high school (though I may have gotten off track at some point during college).  I’m very excited to have a job that I’m going to be passionate about and be able to learn from and work with great people.

And hello?  I’m going to be around books!

How great is that?

Again, I’m very grateful for this new job and opportunity to be in a field I’ve dreamed of.  It goes to show that even when it’s hard to keep believing that God has something good planned for you, you have to keep believing because God will always come through.

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