A Day Without Coffee

day without coffee

I realized late last night that I had went through the entire day without having so much as one sip  of coffee. That’s highly unusual of me, as I’ve been drinking coffee for as far back as middle school.  I can still picture setting up a pot of coffee on the weekends in our very small, but adorable apartment next door to my grandma.

And you know, middle school wasn’t the first time I’ve ever had coffee, but that’s another story.

Fridays are days that I typically love to have coffee, not because I need it… I just want it.  I work at the school on Fridays, editing for four hours in the morning then every other week or so we have a show to tape in the studio, so I tend to enjoy a coffee or two from Dunkin’ while I’m working.

Yesterday was weird though, instead of coffee I was in the mood for tea all day.  It might have been a combination of stomach cramps and my throat hurting that brought on the urge to have tea, but I can’t say for sure.  After all, sometimes I just really want to have tea.

What I found interesting was that there was no coffee withdrawal.  Many times if I have tea in place of coffee for the morning, by that afternoon I usually have a headache that only coffee can get rid of.  It didn’t happen yesterday though, which is probably why I didn’t notice my lack of coffee until late.

I wasn’t sluggish at all either.  Then again, coffee doesn’t have that type of affect on me.  I don’t feel more awake after drinking it and I don’t get tired if I don’t have it.  It’s just a beverage I really enjoy during any time of the day, and I usually have it every day.  So it is an odd occasion if I don’t have at least one cup during the day.

How does coffee affect you?  Are you sluggish without it?  Or like me, is it just a drink you enjoy?

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The Friday Five: Blogger Love v.10

Whoo!  Ten straight weeks participating in Blogger Love!  I don’t know about you all, but I’m real happy about this.  I love putting up these posts every Friday not only because it keeps at least one consistent post on my blog, but also because I get to share the great posts I read throughout the week.

So before I start to ramble, here’s this week’s Friday Five!

fridayfive v10

  1. Should I Attend a Local University? by Kara of Coffee With Kara.  As someone who attends a local university, as a commuter student, it’s interesting to see the perspective of a resident student who actually is from the town their university is located.
  2. 10 Awesome Things About Being a Blogger by Tabitha of a hundred tiny wishes.  There’s plenty of things to love about being a blogger.  My personal top two are being able to express myself and communicating with fellow bloggers and readers.
  3. Write What You Want by Lindsay of Bourbon, Lipstick and Stilettos.  I mentioned this in my last post, but I feel it’s worth sharing again because it’s really a good topic for bloggers to think bout and discuss.
  4. An Interested Amateur’s Guide to Coffee by Cat of Oddly Lovely.  Mmm, coffee.  Who doesn’t appreciate a good post about coffee?
  5. Bloggers Coast to Coast by Shane of Sea Salt Secrets.  I think this is an awesome way to getting to know what other bloggers are in your area and possibly meet up with them!  And for the record, I’m on her ‘coast to coast’ map now.
All the Joys - Blogger Love

So there’s my five favorite posts of the week and I think y’all should go and give them a look.

As always,  don’t forget to check out the host of Blogger Love, Meagan on All The Joys and give her some blogger love as well!

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It’s My Blog… and I’ll Write What I Want To

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear that someone has a blog?  You probably think that it’s their own little corner on the internet where that person shares their perspective on life or what they saw at the movies last week.  Well, you’re right – a blog is generally an online diary for most people, including myself.  Blogs are a way to share personal stories or useful information based on what that particular blogger feel like writing for the day.

In short, bloggers write what they want to write.

it's my blog and i'll write what i want to

I was inspired by Lindsay’s latest post over on Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos where she made a comment that she read a comment on a blog by someone who said they, “hate bloggers and their lists.”

First of all, ouch.

I personally love lists, and I write them as well.  Lists are just another way of sharing information… so what’s wrong with that?  In fact, I think lists are easier to read at times, especially when I’m reading a blog from my iPhone.

And second of all, if you don’t like what a blogger writes… don’t read it.

They’re not going to be offended, or at least I know I won’t be.

I don’t read blogs about politics or cooking (I mean, I should read the cookings blogs, I might learn something), but I’m not interested in politics.  That doesn’t mean I hate bloggers who write about politics.  That just happens to be a topic their interested in, so they write about it.  I applaud them for that.

When I opened up my space here on the Internet it was so I could write what I love writing about.  Of course it’s nice to write a post that draws in a ton of readers, but if I write a post that the majority of people aren’t too crazy about, then that’s okay too.

What’s the point in having a blog if you only write to please others instead of yourself?

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7 Things I Love About Spring

Despite the fact it’s still mega-cold outside, it’s officially spring.  Spring is one of the more enjoyable seasons for everyone.  I guess there might be some people out there who don’t like spring, but I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t like it.  It’s just too nice of a season to hate.

7 things i love about spring

1.) Warmer weather.

Well, I don’t think New England has gotten the message quite yet, but just knowing that in the next few weeks we’ll have warmer temperatures is enough to get us to push through.

2.) My birthday.

Who doesn’t love the season their birthday falls in?  Well, unless you really hate winter and you’re a winter baby… I can see why.  I know I would.  Thankfully mine falls in a nice season and it’s later in the season when the temperatures get into the high 60’s and mid-70’s.

3.) Flower beauty.

Even though I get major stuffy noses when I smell the flowers, I can’t help but love how pretty the flowers look when they blossom.

4.) Light sweatshirt weather.

Even though most of the time we can get away without wearing a sweatshirt, I still enjoy wearing my lighter sweatshirts and jackets to keep the chill of the spring breezes away.  It definitely beats a winter jacket.

5.) Longer days.

Thanks to Daylight Savings Time the daylight hours are a bit longer than they are in the winter.  It’s a wonderful thing to look out my window at 7:30pm and still be able to see outside.

6.) Open windows.

There’s nothing like fresh air in a home that’s been closed up for the winter.  It makes it easier to breathe at night and it’s comforting to hear the animals outside again.

7.) Spark of life.

Let’s face it, winter kills everything, including our moods.  Once spring comes people tend to be happier and healthier, aside from the allergies, and you see more activities going on outside.  I for one love watching my fellow classmates playing frisbee or football out on the campus green.

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Farewell Glee

As you know, especially if you follow me on Twitter, that last night was the two-hour series finale of the hit FOX show, Glee.  While I can say that my life was not affected by the show in a major way, it still holds a place in my heart because I have come to love the characters of the show… even ones that I previously hated.

farewell glee

Let me start this Glee tribute post by saying that I never intended to watch Glee.  In fact, when I saw commercials for the show back in 2009 I thought it was incredibly lame and a total knock-off of Disney’s High School Musical movie franchise.

And then my best friend happened.

One of the days we were hanging out she brought over Season 1 of the series and suggested we watch it.  I wasn’t overly thrilled (sorry Vicky), but I complied since she’s my best friend and because she said if I didn’t like it we wouldn’t have to keep watching it.  So after we finished the first episode she asked if I liked it… well, I didn’t hate it so I told her we could watch the next episode.

That’s where I fell in love with the show.

glee facebook posts

As I mentioned before, the finale of the show was last night.  The doubled-up episodes were a roller-coaster of emotions to say the least.  Just ten minutes before the finale started I had no idea how to handle the mixture of emotions running through me.  As it began though, I began my live-tweet spree during the show and I think in doing that I was able to remain much calmer than I would’ve been if I wasn’t live-tweeting.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 12.30.15 PM

The finale was presented in an interesting way.  The first episode entitled “2009” gave us the backgrounds as to why the original five Glee club members joined in the first place.  It was interesting because during the entire series you never gave a second thought as to why the original five joined, but now we know.  That episode was then followed by “Dreams Come True” which not only brought us back to the present day Glee club, but jumped ahead a few months, then jumped to five years in the future.

glee tweets collage

I wasn’t quite nearly as calm during the second half of the finale than I was during the first.

glee tweets 2

The one part of the finale that really kills the Glee fans, is that we know it wasn’t supposed to end with Rachel marrying Jesse – she was supposed to be with Finn.  The producers had even said that a year before Season 6 began.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, so the Gleeks ended up with a St. Berry endgame.  I will say I’m a little disappointed since I’m a Puckleberry shipper, but that dream was killed early on in the series.  I guess it’s a good thing I don’t entirely hate the St. Berry pairing.

All in all, the finale wrapped up the show in a way where you’re satisfied, but you still want more. Like what do Kurt and Blaine name their baby?  What’s the name of Will and Emma’s new baby girl?  Did Puck and Quinn ever get married?  Who is Sam’s new girlfriend?

There’s just so many questions that will never be answered.

Then again, that’s why we have fanfiction.

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The Friday Five: Blogger Love v.9

Well, to say the least my spring break wasn’t exciting, but it wasn’t stressful.  So that’s a plus, right?

Anyway, I had plenty of time to read some really great blog posts, so I’m about to drop five of my favorites on you.

fridayfive v9


  1. 5 Childhood Games That Prepared Us For Adulthood by Jennifer of Young & Twenty.  The truth behind these games you know you played at least once during your childhood.
  2. Be Careful What You Say On the Internet by Kati Rose.  We’ve all heard it before, but Kati here shares a personal mishap of social media that brings the lesson home.
  3. The Beauty of Online Communities by Val of In-Between Life.  Though I’m just really getting myself into the blogging communities, I have been a part of fan-fiction communities for about 9 years now and like Val mentions, I have made some great online friendships that I cherish greatly.
  4. Why I Chose a Christian College by Betsy of Heavens to Betsy.  I personally liked reading about her decision to attend a Christian college, as I considered attending one for my Bachelor’s.  I did receive my Associate degree from Liberty University, but online, so I did not get the experience of physically attending a Christian school.  I imagine I would have loved it, just as Betsy enjoyed hers.
  5. 15 Blogger Problems by Becky of milk bubble tea.  Ugh, yes!  Though some of Becky’s apply to her personally, the others apply to every single one of us bloggers here on the blogosphere.
All the Joys - Blogger Love

So there’s my five favorite posts of the week and I think y’all should go and give them a look.

As always,  don’t forget to check out the host of Blogger Love, Meagan on All The Joys and give her some blogger love as well!

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Finales Stink

tv finales stink

Think about some of your favorite TV shows over the years – the good ones that lasted more than two seasons.  There were good times, where you laughed so hard that you either cried, peed yourself or abs instantly appeared.  Times that you just wanted to throw your TV through your window because of that one episode.  Don’t forget about the times you cried over a character death or when your OTP broke up.  You’ve come to love these characters to the point where they just pop up in your mind like an old friend. broken heart

Now think about the ending of the show – the finale.  When you had to say goodbye.

It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it?

F.R.I.E.N.D.S., The Nanny, Boy Meets World, The Suite Life, Hannah Montana… all are shows that killed me inside when they end.  It still kills me inside to watch the finale episodes.  Yesterday, the finale of Boy Meets World was on so my mom and I watched it and we both cried for the entire thing.

I know it’s just a TV show, but when you get that attached to the characters and their lives you can’t help but feel empty when it’s over.  Sometimes we don’t even have to like how the show ended, like Dexter for example, but we get so emotionally invested that when it’s all over there’s just… nothing.


Seeing the end of Boy Meets World yesterday brought on some extra feels for me.  For those of you in the know, the infamous FOX show, Glee, will be ending tomorrow with its two-hour series finale.  As a Gleek, I’m naturally feeling a mixture of emotions and feelings – sadness because the show is coming to an end, I’m nervous because I don’t know how the producers chose to end it and I’m not sure they’ll do it justice, and I’m dreading tomorrow because…

Glee. Is. Ending.

Please excuse me while I go cry in a corner for the next six months.

pikachu crying

That leaves me with one question for the rest of you.

What are some shows that you were sad to see end?

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You Might Be From Connecticut If…

I’ve mentioned plenty of times I’m a New Englander, but if you want to be more specific, I’m a Nutmegger – in other words, Connecticut born-and-raised.  To be completely honest, I can’t say I love Connecticut as much as some people, but then again I don’t hate it as much as others.  I’m in the middle.  While I do plan on eventually leaving this state, there is a nice quality of living in a small state where it doesn’t take too long to get from one side to the other.  Plus, living in Connecticut helps me to really appreciate going to new, exciting places that are out-of-state.

However, since I do have friends and family living in other states, I have noticed plenty of qualities that make people from Connecticut different from everyone outside of our small state.

you might be from Connecticut if

one // you have ever gone to Mystic Seaport and/or Aquarium for a school field trip.  I don’t remember exactly what grade it was, but I do know that at some point, or two, in elementary school I went there for a field trip.  It’s basically an elementary school requirement.

two // you own/have owned UConn gear even if you don’t watch basketball.  Hey, we have to be known for something besides high taxes, right?

three // you’ve participated in Dodge That Deer.  As a state-wide sport, “Look out for that deer!” is a common phrase while driving in Connecticut.  It’s estimated that about 49 deer are killed in Connecticut each day by cars.  Just last year one ran out in front of me while I was driving home from school… nearly gave me a heart attack.


four // you know Connecticut really isn’t that nice.  Everyone outside of Connecticut thinks it’s a nice place to visit with beautiful homes… yeah, if you go to Greenwich where all the rich folks live.  How about next time you visit Bridgeport, downtown Hartford, or Waterbury then tell us what you think?

five // you always run into someone you know.  It’s a small state man.

six // you know how to drive in the snow.  With these New England weathers… it’s a crime to not be able to drive in the snow correctly.  If you don’t… get out.  You’ll save more lives that way.

seven // you call sub-sandwiches “grinders”.  it’s not uncommon to hear a Nutmegger say that they love Subway grinders.

eight // you’re summer fun consists of Lake Compounce, Quassy or Hammonasset.  Heck, why not all three?  Personally, I have only been to Quassy once, but I went to Lake Compounce eight summers in a row (a few times each) and I’ve gone camping at Hammonasset just about every year since I was 15.

nine // you are either a Yankees or Red Sox fan.  And if you’re not, you still prefer one over the other.


ten // Giants or Patriots.  Again, if you are not a fan of either of these teams, you prefer one over the other.  It’s basically a state requirement.

eleven // you’re shocked when you find out Dunkin’ Donuts is not nationwide.  Well, who can blame us when there’s a Dunkin’ located every 2 miles?  It’s basically going to a new country when a Nutmegger leaves the east coast.  We suffer Dunkin’ withdrawal.  There’s also the fact the majority of us prefer Dunkin’ over Starbucks… just saying.

twelve // you know people who work at ESPN.  I know at least three people who work there, since I went to school with them.  It’s hard not to since the ESPN headquarters is located in Bristol… just down the road from Lake Compounce.

thirteen // you’ve survived a “serious” earthquake.  Well, by our standards, a serious earthquake is about a 2.9 on the Richter scale… but that’s all it takes to shake up our small state.

fourteen // you know school isn’t going to be cancelled unless there’s 1.5 feet of snow coming, minimum.  No, seriously.  School will be happening unless there’s a foot of snow on the way.  And work?  Ha!  Unless your house is completely buried you can expect to be going into the office.


fifteen // you’ve witnessed sun, rain, hail and snow in the same day.  I’m not even kidding.

new england weather

sixteen // you can spell Connecticut without sounding it out.  Raise your hand if you have to say “Con-nect-i-cut” in order to spell it.

I realize some of these qualities might apply to other states, but there are some in here that apply to only Connecticut.  If you know which ones, then you’re definitely from Connecticut.

So even though I am partial to this small state, I’m still excited for the day that I get to move out of here and experience living in a new place.

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The Friday Five: Blogger Love v.8

I’m so, so happy it’s Friday!  Even more so, I’m happy because once I get out of work today it’s the start of spring break!  I am just so excited to have a week of not worrying about classes or work (since I work at the school).  I definitely need this.

Anyway, I’ve read some great blog posts this week and I feel it’s only fair that I share a few of them with y’all!

blogger love friday five

  1. Ten Awesome Things to Do In Charleston by Lindsay of Pinch of Yum.  I’ve never been to Charleston, but thanks to Lindsay’s post I have a few ideas on what to do if/when I ever visit.
  2. A Match Made at Pizza Hut | Our Love Story by Samantha of Cotton Tales.  I’m such a sucker when it comes to bloggers sharing their love stories.  It just restores my faith that love is real and works out.  Gosh, I’m such a girl!
  3. March Comes In Like a Lion by Betsy of Heavens to Betsy.  March is one of those months where the weather goes from being ridiculously cold to suddenly sunny and (nearly) 60º outside… but then you get a random snowstorm.  Betsy took some great photos of the last storm that hit her area, even if it’s snow, it’s still beautiful.
  4. Dear Everyone That Is Single… by Kayla of I Am Not Your Mother.  I love this one because she tells the truth.  I know a lot of single people that just don’t know how to be single or spend too much time trying to find the right person.  Want to know how to find the right person?  Read this post.
  5. Project: Meet the Campbells – a series by Sly of 99+ Sly Thoughts.  I just want to really congratulate Sly here because he came up with this idea of doing small profiles and interviews of his siblings and flew with it.  His last one actually comes out today, so give that one and the rest a read… it’s really interesting.
All the Joys - Blogger Love

So there’s my five favorite posts of the week and I think y’all should go and give them a look.

As always,  don’t forget to check out the host of Blogger Love, Meagan on All The Joys and give her some blogger love as well!

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Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo?

In response to Tabitha’s question over on her blog Arbitrary Scrawling, “If you had to choose one gaming platform to use for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?” – I have decided to answer with a blog post of my own.

game boy color pokemon nintendo

Though I thought for a split second that I would choose Xbox, since that’s the main system I’ve used for the past two years, I would actually have to answer that I’d choose Nintendo systems if I could only have one platform.

Needless to say, I have a long history with Nintendo.  It was literally the first system I ever had gaming experience with due to the fact my parents owned one and often played.  I do not remember much from the early years, but I was told about a particular time when I was about two years old and playing Duck Hunt… but that’s a story for another post.

The earliest game I can remember playing was Super Mario Bros. 3, and I would place it as my all-time favorite game.  It is one game I can never tire of playing, no matter how old I get.  Just after Super Mario Bros. 3, the next game series to follow as my second favorite would be the Pokemon games that took the gaming world by force in the late 90s for Nintendo Game Boy and its following systems.

I can honestly say that I owned nearly all of the popular Nintendo systems that were released over the years, with the exception of the original Game Boy, the Super Nintendo and the current Wii U system.  Thinking back over the years, my favorites were definitely the original Nintendo system, Nintendo 64, Wii and Game Boy Advance SP.  All four of those systems are the consoles that can play my favorite games, but if I had to choose just one of those systems, it would be the Nintendo 64.

Why?  Well, there are a ton of games that I loved to play and if I had that system back, I could easily waste a lot of hours playing those games again.  I believe out of all the systems it is the most durable.  Back when I used to keep mine at my dad’s old place it survived the TV falling on it, and it was one of those big, fat ones mind you.  The game that was inside, Ridge Racer, also survived even though the back was cut off – and it still played as though nothing happened to it.

playing pokemon blue

Sadly, I do not have all these fabulous Nintendo systems anymore – the only one still in my possession is an Atomic Purple Game Boy Color alongside my Xbox 360.  However, I am leaning toward buying an original Nintendo system with a Super Mario Bros. 3 game once I graduate.

And there you have it, I am a Nintendo fan through and through.  So now I pass on the question to you – if you had to choose one gaming platform for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

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Confessions of the Owl


I’ve seen a few other confession blog posts floating around… and there’s a few things I’d like to share in a post.  So let’s get started, shall we?

One // I had no intention of trying Nutella.  Honestly, I didn’t think anything of it… but, one day when I was visiting my best friend she pretty much forced me to try it.  I didn’t fall in love with it right away like everyone else on the planet, but after having it again I am liking Nutella more and more… to the point where I just eat it with a spoon.


Two // Make-up is not an essential for me.  I do not wear make-up regularly.  First of all, I hate how it feels on my face and second, it’s just an extra step in my morning and nighttime routines that I’d rather avoid.  Then, there’s also the fact that my skin is just too white for even the lightest shade of make-up.

Three // I get claustrophobic in public restrooms.  Seriously, there’s not enough room in those stalls.

Four // I talk to myself.  I’m sure everyone does, but I think I tend to talk to myself more than the average person.  I’m talking actual conversations here people.

alone talking to self

Five // I did not have alcohol until my 21st birthday.  Unlike many of my peers, I stayed clean of alcohol until my 21st birthday when I had two sips of a strawberry daiquiri and gave the rest to my mom.  I’ve just never had a desire to drink any alcoholic beverages, though once in a while I’ll enjoy a Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Six // Dexter was the first show I binge watched.  December 2013 I started watching Dexter and finished the first four seasons in about 3 weeks and then I had to wait 3 long, painful days for Netflix to release seasons 5-8 to continue watching.  Boy was I hooked!

Seven // I’m still not over some character deaths.  This would include Dumbledore, Fred Weasley, Hedwig, Dobby.  Yep, all Harry Potter characters.  Also, I’m still not over Billy’s death in Ally McBeal… that was just cruel man.


Eight // I didn’t try bacon until I was 13.  Yeah… I have nothing else to say about that.

So, that’s all I have right now.  I have to say this was quite fun, so you can expect another one of these to pop up when I think of more confessions to share.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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The Friday Five: Blogger Love v.7

I can only explain this past week in one way… it was a giant headache.  Boy am I glad it’s the weekend!  You know, despite the fact that I have a 1,000 word magazine article to write and I still have no idea what I’m writing for it… but I’ve always been more of the “panic at the last minute and bust out the paper the day before/day it’s due” kind of girl.

I wouldn’t lie about that.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite blog posts that I read this week – some a few times!

fridayfive v7

  1. Anniversary Surprise! by Sly of 99+ Sly Thoughts.  Come on, how adorable is this?  It kind of restores your faith in relationships – especially long distance ones.
  2. Hermione, Minevra, Luna by Jan of Silver Lining Mama.  A great post highlighting three incredible women characters in the Harry Potter series – which was created by an incredible woman author!
  3. Some Rambling by Ashley from That Southern Mama.  Because sometimes you just don’t know what else to write so why not ramble on about what’s going on in your life?
  4. Healthy Habits at Work by Jan Loves.  As a student with a part-time job that consists of me sitting on a computer editing videos… I know how important it is to try to keep some healthy habits at work.  This is really good for anyone who is looking for a good way to keep healthy while at work or if you work from home.
  5. #DearMe by Atiya of May 13th.  This goes along with the reason I want to do write a letter to my younger self post… it makes you think about what you would say to your younger self if you could.
All the Joys - Blogger Love

So there’s my five favorite posts of the week and I think y’all should go and give them a look.

As always,  don’t forget to check out the host of Blogger Love, Meagan on All The Joys and give her some blogger love as well!

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currently // march

I’ve seen quite a few of these posts around since I’ve been following more and more blogs, and I find them interesting.  They’re short and to the point – just bloggers telling their readers what is currnelty happening in their lives.  Like the ‘facts’ or ‘favorites’ posts, I love that they’re giving their readers an inside look on their life.  So I’ve decided to hop on the wagon and give you all a look as to what’s happening in my life right now.

currently march

Loving: that I’ve had the past three Wednesdays to work at home, rather than go to the office for my internship.  I’ve been able to keep up on laundry during the week!  I’ll miss that.

Excited: for spring break to start on the 16th!

Watching: Switched at Birth and Eye Candy.  I’ve been a Switched fan since it started and though I’m watching the new episodes coming out, I recently started watching it from the beginning again on Netflix.  Eye Candy is a new show that started in January and is so good!

Eating: Banana Nut Cheerios (no, seriously… I’m sitting here in my classroom eating them)

Thinking: “I want to go home.”

Needing: Coffee

Annoyed:  With the weather and the snow.

Discovered: that all six seasons of the Powerpuff Girls is on Netflix.

Anticipating: graduating from college in May!

Happy: for my best friend for getting some substituting jobs while she gets ready for her teaching certification

Drinking:  water and coffee, sometimes hot chocolate

Working on: looking for jobs so I’ll have one lined up when I graduate

Dreaming:  of spring… seriously, I need warm weather now!

Planning: some new blog posts and having a bulk writing session very soon

So that’s what I’ve been up to.  What about you?

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