currently // march

I’ve seen quite a few of these posts around since I’ve been following more and more blogs, and I find them interesting.  They’re short and to the point – just bloggers telling their readers what is currnelty happening in their lives.  Like the ‘facts’ or ‘favorites’ posts, I love that they’re giving their readers an inside look on their life.  So I’ve decided to hop on the wagon and give you all a look as to what’s happening in my life right now.

currently march

Loving: that I’ve had the past three Wednesdays to work at home, rather than go to the office for my internship.  I’ve been able to keep up on laundry during the week!  I’ll miss that.

Excited: for spring break to start on the 16th!

Watching: Switched at Birth and Eye Candy.  I’ve been a Switched fan since it started and though I’m watching the new episodes coming out, I recently started watching it from the beginning again on Netflix.  Eye Candy is a new show that started in January and is so good!

Eating: Banana Nut Cheerios (no, seriously… I’m sitting here in my classroom eating them)

Thinking: “I want to go home.”

Needing: Coffee

Annoyed:  With the weather and the snow.

Discovered: that all six seasons of the Powerpuff Girls is on Netflix.

Anticipating: graduating from college in May!

Happy: for my best friend for getting some substituting jobs while she gets ready for her teaching certification

Drinking:  water and coffee, sometimes hot chocolate

Working on: looking for jobs so I’ll have one lined up when I graduate

Dreaming:  of spring… seriously, I need warm weather now!

Planning: some new blog posts and having a bulk writing session very soon

So that’s what I’ve been up to.  What about you?

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9 thoughts on “currently // march

  1. Donna says:

    I enjoyed that a summary of what is happening in your life. Interesting and I agree with drinking coffee and impatiently waiting for spring

  2. Jenna Pirrie says:

    I’m still working out how to best do this kind of post, aeven after doing two! I’m a super long-winded writer when I don’t catch myself, so I may have to limit myself to only a few categories per post!

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      That might be easier to do it in limited amounts. Then you’ll be sure to have more for the next post! :)

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