Bookworm Problems (v. 2)

I’m back with more common bookworm problems.  A few of these I was going to put in the first post, but I figured I’d just make a little series of these.  There are only so many problems we can handle discussing at one time, right?

So here we go with fifteen more common bookworm problems!


Bookworm Problems:
  1. Having unrealistic expectations for your own love life because of all the romance books you’ve read.
  2. Book hangovers.
  3. Wanting to finish a book quickly so you can read more books, but still wanting to take your time and enjoy the story.
  4. Character deaths.
  5. Not liking a book/book series that is really popular and feeling like you’re missing out on something amazing.
  6. Not realizing how good a book was until a few days after you finish it then feeling like you took the book for granted.
  7. Regretting not having a list of books you read when you were younger because you’ll never know exactly how many books you’ve read in your lifetime.
  8. When you finally get a description of what the characters look like and they’re nothing like you were imagining.
  9. Not being able to find a comfortable reading position.
  10. Rereading Harry Potter because you just can’t decide what book to read next (this might be just me though…)
  11. When a chapter ends with a cliff-hanger and you have to read the next one despite the fact it’s midnight and you have to be up at 5:30am.
  12. Never being able to experience reading a book for the first time again.
  13. When people say that you should read a book before bed because it’s relaxing… (HA!)
  14. When something intense happens so suddenly in the story that you have to go back and make sure you didn’t miss anything.
  15. Rather than feeling proud to have finished a book series, you just feel empty because there will never be another book with those characters.

Another fifteen problems down!  Again, this still isn’t covering them all… so this will pretty much be an ongoing series as I uncover more common bookworm problems.  There’s as many of these are there are books!

Which of these 15 problems bother you the most?

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5 thoughts on “Bookworm Problems (v. 2)

    • Tabby says:

      I’m liking these too. And yes, that one is a problem for me. But I keep getting these mini-flashbacks of books I used to read when I see them pass through the desk at the library :)

      • ghostmmnc says:

        :) You seem to enjoy your library job. I worked in the school library during jr. high, and high school, and volunteered at my daughter’s school library for awhile. I loved it! :) Hope you are having a fun weekend! :)

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