Winter Blues

Happy Leap Day everyone!

Leap Day must be a cool day to be born on… I mean, it only comes every four years so the babies born on February 29th are definitely special babies.  The only thing is, when do they celebrate their birthdays the other days of the year?  I know it’s either February 28th or March 1st, but I wonder which is more common?  These are the questions that keep me up at night…

Okay, not really.

winter blues

So on this, the extra day of February 2016, I’ve come to realize that I have only posted three times this month.  Three!  That is very unlike me.  I usually average 15-20 posts per month and I honestly cannot think of any valid excuse as to why I’ve just… stopped.

My only guess is winter blues.

It’s hit me a little harder than usual this year.  Other than work I don’t usually have any other things going on.  I don’t like being outside to take pictures or make videos because of the cold (though it’s not nearly as cold as last year), but it’s also a pain because with no car I can’t get too far on foot.  And really, who wants to see pictures of the same things over and over?

I’m not complaining in any way here, but I feel as though I’m stuck in a rut.  I guess maybe it’s because this is the first time since I was four that I’m not in school for a good portion of the day.  Yes, I know I have a job, but it’s not a full-time one and I’m having trouble finding a second one or a full-time one to replace my current one.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like the place I’m at, but I know it’s not a forever thing… especially since I plan on leaving my home state eventually.

In other news, I’ve finally caught up on my classic Disney movies, meaning that I have finally seen Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid for the first time, ever.  I know, it’s hard to believe that someone has never seen those movies… but until two weeks ago, I hadn’t.  Just ask my best friend.

There’s not much more to report than that… other than that the weather here for the next few days is going to be great (as in above 50 degrees).  And I’m going to get my butt in gear and really get back to posting more often because I miss blogging regularly.  It definitely gave me a purpose to try out some new things, read more, write more… all that fun stuff.

What have y’all been up to?  Did the winter blues get to you as well?

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The Isle of the Lost [book review]

Didn’t you know?  Villains have kids too.

isle of the lost review

Twenty years ago when Belle married her Beast they rounded up all the villains and banished them… to the Isle of the Lost.  During their banishment these notorious villains have been raising their young, preparing them for the day when they’d escape the magic dome allowing them to finally get their revenge.

This book, being the prequel to last summer’s hit TV movie Disney Descendants, introduces us to the four main villain children – Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos – and gives us a glimpse of what their life was like before the movie.  The food is rotten, the houses are shoddy and the parent-child relationships are nothing like the ones in Auradon.  What do you expect?  They’re villains and they pretty much only see their children as a way to carry on their evil legacies… assuming they get off the island eventually.

The book also gives us a glimpse of Prince Ben in Auradon and his training to becoming King once he turns sixteen.  There are not many chapters dedicated to his character, but we do get to see in which ways he takes after his parents, King Beast and Queen Belle.

Meanwhile, on the isle Mal is given an assignment from her mother (Maleficent) to retrieve her treasured scepter, which holds the Dragon Eye, from the other side of the island.  However, there’s a catch – the eye is cursed.  The first person to touch it and ‘wake the dragon’ will be cursed to sleep for a thousand years (classic Maleficent).  Enlisting the help of her three acquaintances (because villains don’t have friends) Mal conducts a plan that will help them retrieve the eye and she’ll be able to prove once and for all that she is as evil as her mother.

So… this book is definitely a great read.  I like that we get to see more into the lives of the villain children before they go to Auradon in the movie.  However, there are some differences between the book and movie that irk me a little, but isn’t that always the case?

First of all, the villain children are not as close in the book as they make them out to be in the movie, and neither are the parents.  In the book we learn that Mal hates Evie for an incident that happened when they were six, and just as well their parents, Evil Queen and Maleficent aren’t exactly fond of each other.  In the movie, it’s completely opposite.  It seems as though EQ and Maleficent are best friends, along with Jafar and Cruella De Vil.

Now that I think about it, that’s really the only thing that bugs me between the book and movie.

I guess it works out though, because during their quest to find the Dragon Eye we see the four villains-in-training doing something they never thought possible – bond.

In any case, if you are at all interested in reading about the children of some of the most famous villains I’d definitely recommend this book… and the movie of course.  It’s up to you of course whether you want to read the book first or see the movie, since you don’t necessarily need to read the book before watching the movie.

And for those of you who are interested in the Disney Descendants franchise, a new follow-up book is coming out May 24th of this year – Return to the Isle of the Lost- which will follow the events of the movie.

If you’ve read this book, what did you think?

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40 Days of Vegetarian

Happy Ash Wednesday everyone!

Well, if you observe it anyway… and by ‘it’ I mean Lent.  This isn’t something I’ve normally done in the past, because as far as I know my branch of church doesn’t observe it and I find that weird.


Lent is the time when we give up something for 40 days in honor of the huge sacrifice that Jesus made when He gave His life for our sins.  We can obviously never make a sacrifice that incredible, but in a way of showing our thankfulness for Jesus’ sacrifice the least we can do is give up something that’s a part of our lives for 40 days.

(And for those who do not know the significance of 40 days, it’s in relation to the 40 days and nights Jesus spent on His own fasting from food.)

So in my life I’ve never really observed Lent, but this year I’m changing that.  I wanted to give up something that would be a sacrifice, but not such a huge change that I’ll be doomed to fail because I’m only human.  One way to do that is to give up something in my diet – and that something is meat.

Now I don’t consider myself that much of a meat person because I really don’t eat it too often… or if I do I don’t notice it.  I guess I should say that I don’t really eat red meat that often, but I’ll eat chicken and turkey for days and not get sick of it.  But my mom and I both are giving up all meat for Lent.

All. Of. It.

I think what I’m going to have the hardest time resisting is having chicken in my salad at Panera as well as hot wings because I’m a huge sucker for hot wings.  Chicken is literally my weakness when it comes to meat.  When we went to North Carolina two years ago for my cousin’s wedding I literally had chicken in one of my meals every single day… including the wedding.  So if anything is going to be the hardest for me during these 40 days, it’s going to be resisting a meal with chicken in it.

The best way to get through it though is to remember the sacrifice Christ gave for us.  I mean, if He can give up His life for us then I can certainly give up meat (*cough*chicken*cough*) for a measly 40 days.  So with that, I begin my short-lived vegetarian diet from now until Easter.

Are you giving up anything for Lent?

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Finally February

I know, most of you are more like, “It’s February already?  That came too fast!”

Not me.  To me it was like January took it’s sweet time rolling on by.  I actually spent half of January thinking it was February, and man was it messing me up!

So let’s move onto the elephant on the blog here… the fact I haven’t posted in nearly two weeks. I know it’s best when bloggers don’t acknowledge an unpredicted absence, but I feel the need to.  I’ve been trying to stay off my computer, other than watching Netflix, because of the problems I am dealing with in my wrist.  I figured time away from my computer would help the pain, but it’s not doing too much.  I can’t even blame my phone because when I’m on my phone now I use my left hand.

And that is my lame(ish) excuse for not blogging, other than I just didn’t have anything I wanted to blog about.  It was a bad case of blogger burnout mixed with writer’s block.

So what’s going on right now?  Well, it’s actually nice outside.  By no means is it warm, but 45ºF out is pretty amazing for February 1st.  Plus it’s going to be near 60º in a few days, and I can’t wait.  Unfortunately, it’s probably going to get cold again, but these breaks are nice.

Oh and yesterday was the six-month anniversary of Disney Descendants, which isn’t that big of a deal, I know, but I’m finally reading the prequel book that takes place before the movie – The Isle of the Lost – so you can expect a review of that once I’m done with it.

Well, there isn’t much more to say right now.  But I promise I won’t disappear for such a long time again… without notice, that is.

How was the rest of your January?

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