March Playlist

Music is great, isn't it?  I love how I can either just lose myself to the lyrics of a really good song, be inspired by one, or just let it play in the background while I'm doing something else entirely.  It makes my days more enjoyable and can pick me up out of a bad … Continue reading March Playlist

Remembering the Ones We’ve Lost

It seems weird posting this on Easter, but I feel like I have to. The holidays, though joyous occasions, are hard for some people.  Like it or not, it's likely that most of us, if not all, have lost a loved one around the holidays.  With a holiday like Easter, which has no set date, … Continue reading Remembering the Ones We’ve Lost


We're always doing what we can to stay safe - locking our doors, keeping pepper spray on hand, going on walks with a buddy... the list goes on.  The scary thing is, no matter what we do to protect ourselves, we don't always see things coming and we can't always stop them. I find comfort … Continue reading Safe