Thawing Out My Productivity

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s 76º outside today and it’s pure bliss!

thawing out productivity

I know that it’s only March 9th and winter doesn’t actually end for another few weeks, but if we could have nice temperatures from now on, I’ll be one happy gal.  I’m not saying it needs to stay in the 70s, just like the 50s (at the very least) so that I can thaw out from the past two months of winter.

So as I’m sitting here typing away I’m realizing just how much the weather has an affect on me – my attitude, productiveness, ambition and overall mood.  The weather actually plays a huge role in these areas, and probably not just for me.  I’m guessing that the weather really impacts a lot of people (depending on what they like).

I’m not a winter person at all.  I hate the cold and I hate the ice and snow.  If it’s below 50º outside during the day I’m just about useless.  I don’t want to do anything other than stay inside and watch television or play video games.  I don’t even like being productive if it’s cold outside.  It’s not that I don’t want to do things, I just don’t have the drive because my body knows it’s cold.  I’m pretty sure that’s the reason my will to blog has been practically non-existent in the last two months.  The only excuse I have for actually blogging during winter last year was because I was in college and needed something to do during my breaks between classes.

But yesterday my entire outlook on life changed because the temperature went into the low 60s. Now I want to do things again.  I want to blog, look for jobs, read, take photos, edit videos… all that fun stuff.  Last night as I drifted off to sleep I was trying to figure out if I should start a vlog series for orangeowldiaries because I miss setting up my camera and talking to it (well, y’all).  When it’s nice outside I don’t mind being busy all day long, even if it’s doing chores.  I just just have more energy when the weather is warmer.

This has really taught me one thing… I’m not made to stay in New England for the rest of my life (Lord willing).  I can’t take feeling how I do each winter with not wanting to do anything with my life.  I’d much rather be where it’s warmer during the winter months, even if it does get down to the 40s, I can handle that.  I just can’t handle freezing temps and below along with the mess of snow and ice.  I’m just thanking God that He listened to my prayers about having a milder winter this year because this winter was nothing like the last one (hello, it was 70º on Christmas!)

So here’s to an early and productive spring!

How does the weather affect you?  Do you like the cold or can you not stand it?

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3 thoughts on “Thawing Out My Productivity

  1. simpledimple says:

    Cold? Who gets to like a difficult time, extreme cold with the extra layers of clothing? Certainly not me. I only manage to pull through the winter season because there are no options. And once I realised that it is only for a season, I try to play along. Dislike the cold but love the beauty in it with the trees and snow though. Now I love the fact that spring is around the corner. :)

    • Tabby says:

      I know, it’s weird to think, but some people actually like it. I know a few people who were hoping for more snow so they could go skiing/snowboarding. I told them to go further north, haha :)

      I’m also very excited for spring. I was so happy with the temperatures today I nearly cried happy tears!

      • simpledimple says:

        Yeah, what they love is not the cold itself but I think the beauty in the weather which is the snow and the fun part. That beauty subdues the harsh cold, lol.

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