I Actually DNF’d Three Books!

That's right... I threw three books into the DNF pile this month!  I'm actually proud of myself because I'll usually suffer through to finish even if I'm not liking a book.  I've done that so many times and I'm just sick of it.  Although... there was one book this month I read all the way … Continue reading I Actually DNF’d Three Books!


Weird Happenings at the Library, vol. 1

I'm going to start a new series based on things that happen at the library.  No one will be named and I won't be ranting about the things that upset me.  The posts will just be the things I find funny that happen while I'm working or I hear about after my day off.  Things … Continue reading Weird Happenings at the Library, vol. 1


I recently went to my old middle school and high school to donate copies of my book and do a little bit of promotion (at the middle school) to hopefully get them interested in reading Standing By.  Going to the schools was surreal, of course, since nothing has really changed inside of them. It's even … Continue reading Nostalgia