Libraries Are Important

I’ve heard from time to time people saying that libraries are becoming a thing of the past; that eventually they won’t be around anymore.  Why should we keep funding them?

Well, first of all… because I work at one (wink).

Also, libraries are important.


Libraries aren’t just for checking out books and reading them… I mean, yes, that is something most patrons do when they go to the library (myself included), but they provide other services to the community that you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Patrons who do not have a computer for whatever reason can use the public computers to check emails, paystubs, print out files, apply for jobs… and well, do just about anything you can do on a computer that is appropriate.
  • Patrons who have laptops or tablets, but no wifi at home can come and use the library’s wifi.
  • Teens who go participate in programs offered by the library aren’t out getting into trouble.
  • Study areas are available for students when they don’t have any other place to concentrate on their work, especially in the summer.
  • Most libraries offer passes for bus trips to museums and other educational and historical places at discounted rates.
  • Programs offered for children, teens and adults allow you to meet new people with similar interests.  Plus, they’re free.
  • Microfilm machines are typically available to look up old newspaper articles for personal or educational research.
  • Rooms can be ‘rented’ out for meetings (as long as the building has a designated meeting room).

And of course the fact that book and movies can be checked out saves a struggling family some money because they don’t have to go out and buy that book or movie.


I think this picture pretty much sums it up.

I’ll say it again… libraries are important.  It’s also important that our communities support our local libraries.  Donate.  Volunteer.  Use their services.  Participate in their events.  Anything you do to help the library matters.

Because libraries matter.

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