Bookworm Problems (v. 1)

I often finds things related to being a bookworm that can be sort of a problem.  Most of the time it’s little things that others might not understand if they’re not a bookworm themselves.  However, I know plenty of people who love to read and I’m sure they, and many others, can sympathize with these common problems we face as readers.

Bookworm Problems:
  1. Forever torn between “this edition is cheaper” and “this edition is so pretty I might cry”
  2. Wanting to buy multiple books, but only having enough money for one.
  3. Buying a new book and having to rearrange your entire bookshelf.
  4. Reading slumps.
  5. The frustration that occurs when you don’t really remember what happened in the previous book but you don’t want to reread it before continuing the series
  6. When you’re going somewhere and you’re like “should I bring one more book in case I don’t feel like reading the other three?”
  7. Giving a book only 3 stars on Goodreads just because 3 ½ stars are not an option and 4 stars would have been a lie.
  8. Continuing to read a book you’re not digging, but you’re too stubborn to give up on it.
  9. When people are talking to you while reading and you have to reread the same sentence more than 5 times.
  10. Wanting to re-read a book/series you love every time you see a fan post about it but having so many other books to read that haven’t been read yet.
  11. Only buying the first book in a series because you don’t know if you’ll like it or not, but then not wanting to read it because you’re worried you’ll actually really like it and not be able to afford the rest.
  12. Buying multiple books then getting home and not being able to decide which one to read first.
  13. When the covers of a book series changes and then you have mismatched covers sitting on your bookshelf… taunting you.
  14. Movie/TV show covers.
  15. Stickers that won’t easily peel off the cover of the pretty book you just bought.

Okay, so I’m going to stop there.  Trust me, I could easily keep going, but I’ll save that for another time.  Out of the ones here I’d have to say the most annoying ones are the movie covers and my stubbornness to keep reading a book I clearly don’t like.  That’s really just a bad habit that needs to be stopped.

Which of these 15 problems bother you the most?

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6 thoughts on “Bookworm Problems (v. 1)

  1. lucindablogs says:

    Stupid book stickers! Especially if the book is a special edition and you end up with a sticky patch of glue on the beautiful cover. Also, waiting a year after the hardback release for a book to come out in paperback because that’s how you started the series. I had to do that with the final Harry Potters and it nearly killed me.

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