Friday Five: Blogger Love v.36

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you’re all prepared for tomorrow… I know we still have to get our candy for the neighborhood kids because for the first time four years we’re able to give out candy again.

Why four years?  Well, October 2011 we had the infamous Franken-storm that basically cancelled Halloween, and the following year Superstorm Sandy hit and yet again, Halloween was cancelled.  Then the past two years we lived in a heavily wooded area on a large hill that no one in their right mind would bring their kids to come trick-or-treating.

Now in our new place, we’re literally surrounded by children, so we will definitely need candy to give out or else be known as the mean neighbors.  But that’s the extent of our Halloween… we’re just really not that into it.

In other news, I’m learning to use the mouse with my left hand due to some issues I’m having with my right wrist… but I’m still praying for healing because it’s very hard to edit videos with my left hand.  It’s just not as natural.

Anyway, who else is participating in NaBloPoMo?  I’m thinking of doing it… I like the idea of 30 straight days of blogging, especially since Blogtember didn’t go so well for me.

fridayfive default

  1. 5 productive things to do when you just have your phone to kill time by Anchored to Sunshine.  Very useful tips to keep yourself busy and productive when you only have your phone on you.
  2. Why you NEED to change locations when you study by Coffee with Kara.  I agree with Kara 110%!  I noticed that if I studied in a different location for a test, I actually did better.  But keeping the same spot got boring and made it harder to concentrate after a while.
  3. 5 Tips for Contact Lens Wearers by Heavens to Betsy.  Just some good tips to keep your contacts clear and fresh, and more importantly… to keep your eyes healthy.
  4. Things only book lovers understand by See You In A Porridge.  Simply because I feel a lot of us can really relate to this.
  5. Dear Selena Gomez (an open letter) by Kate the (almost) Great.  I’m sure you’ve all heard of Selena’s coming out of her struggle with Lupus, and in this open letter Kate is able to connect with the star on a similar level.  I just think this was a great post and I wish both Kate and Selena the best.

All the Joys - Blogger Love

So there’s my five favorite posts of the week and I think y’all should go and give them a look.

As always,  don’t forget to check out the host of Blogger Love, Meagan on All The Joys and give her some blogger love as well!

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Confession Session {4th edition}

You ever have one of those days where you have a plan and then, BOOM, it all just gets obliterated for no apparent reason?  Yeah, that happened to me today… and yesterday.  Maybe I should just stop planning to do things and just go with the flow.

Eh, maybe not.

Anyway, I had the urge to do some confessions today, so here are eight new ones!

confessions of the owl

One // I have a weakness for office supplies.  For as long as I can remember I have always loved going to Staples and buying new notebooks, pens, sticky notes… basically anything office related.

Two // There are Justin Bieber songs in my iTunes Library.  I know, I know.  But I can’t help that some of his songs are actually good and/or catchy.  I might not like him as a person, but the kid does have talent.

joey friends not sorry

Three // I could never be a vegetarian.  I mean, I could probably go like a month without eating any meat, but I could never give it up for life.

Four // I’m a fan of two football teams.  Yes, two football teams.  The Buffalo Bills and the New York Giants.  Reason?  My dad is a Giants fan and my mom is a Bills fan.  I can’t help that I love both teams.  And there’s no rule against liking two teams.

But I’ll tell you, when they played each other October 4th I was at my dad’s house watching the game like…

toy story conflicted

Yeah, it was a hard game for me.  My team won, but my team also lost…

Five // I stopped trick-or-treating in elementary school.  I can’t remember if I was 10 or 11 when I stopped going out on Halloween, but I lost interest in going out in the cold to get candy.  It kind of helped that my aunt’s church held a Hallelujah Night in place of Halloween and I still got candy there.  My very last costume was a ninja costume.

Six // I have a procrastination problem.  I’m sure nearly everyone (aside from my parents) has this problem.  I always have some kind of project for myself and I do always manage to get it done, but most of the time I kind of push it off.  I will say though, I’ve gotten better at beating my procrastination since graduating college (funny, huh?).

troye sivan procrastination
Seven // I’ve morphed from a night owl into an early bird.  Staying up late has always been my thing, but over the last few months (again, since graduating college) I’ve been getting up earlier every morning.  In May I was getting up at 7am each morning, and now I get up at 5:30am.

… and I like it.

Eight // I still have not read Mockingjay.  Seriously guys, I have less than a month before Mockingjay Part 2 comes out and I haven’t read the book yet.  What’s even worse is that’s the first item on my list of 25 Before 25… no lie.

Meanwhile, the bookworm in me is just screaming at me like…
read the book

I should get on that.

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Danger Zone

Have you ever watched a football game and noticed how many times the players knock over or nearly knock over the people on the sidelines?  I’m not just talking about their coaches and burly teammates, but the sideline refs, water & equipment boys, security men and more importantly… the media crews.

Yes, the media crews – the people responsible for getting that sideline and close up action.

Sometimes we even get to see the shots of when the players almost hit them and their cameras. It’s funny for us because the camera shakes everywhere, but it’s pretty scary for them.  I mean, these huge men in a ton of gear are speeding at them and can’t always stop themselves.  If they get hit, it’s not going to be pretty.  But they risk it to get the footage we crave of these games… and I’m guessing they don’t care about that danger because they love their job.

I remember the first football game I went to in Buffalo in 2010 and how I immediately noticed the different media people on the sidelines.  In between plays I would find my eyes watching them and their actions.  Seeing them out there set something off in my brain – I wanted to be one of those people… and that year I became one.

You know… just not a professional, or paid, one.

The fall of 2010 was when I started to film flag football by the request of my cousins and some friends.  Subsequently, I came up with a production company name about two months into filming these videos, rather than just placing “A T.K. Production” at the end of each video.

Now, I realize that my boys of fall, as I call them, are nowhere as terrifyingly huge as the pros, but if one of them ever runs into me they’d take me down no problem.  My first season filming them, I propped myself up onto the bleachers and stayed a good few feet away from the sidelines when I was on their level.  The year after, I got right on the end of that sideline and even into the end zone on occasion for some head-on action shots.

And it doesn’t scare me.

I’ve had some close calls over the years with the boys nearly hitting me when they go out-of-bounds.  I always make sure to put those moments in the videos because sometimes those were the best plays of the game.  Other times it’s just funny to let the unsuspecting public think that the camera girl got hit while filming.  I don’t know if they actually think that or not… but I assume they do.

I like to joke and say that I’m in training for when I eventually am on the sidelines of a real college or NFL game filming the action.  Of course, at that point I’ll probably be terrified to be there, but I’ll be so excited I won’t care.  And hey, as long as I keep some of my cat-like reflexes and get out of the way while filming, I should be good.


Well, in any case.  This past Saturday I was filming my flag football boys and had four close calls… four!  It’s actually a rare case for me to have a close call with the boys, yet this week I nearly got hit four times.  No wait, I did get hit… but not where I fell over or got hurt.  One of the players’ legs hit my leg just below my knee when the two boys fell over.

For the video this week, I only included two of the near-takedowns as they were the only completed plays of the four.  But one of them was the one that hit my legs and I’m sure you could probably guess which one it was.

So again, these might not be ginormous NFL players I have the pleasure of working with each week, but I still have a possibility of getting hurt if they ever do run into me.  I have a danger zone doing whatI love, and it excites me.

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7 Struggles of Being an Introvert

Lately it seems like I’ve seen many links on Facebook sharing to articles about what it is to be an introverted individual.  I always end up checking out the article and agreeing with a good portion, if not all, of what they have to say about introverts.  I am one, I would know.  I actually take a little pride in being an introvert.  It’s a nice, quiet lifestyle for the most part, but there are a few struggles that come with being an introvert.

Especially if you’re a shy introvert, such as myself.

struggles of being an introvert

1.) The Stereotypes.  If you’re an introvert, people tend to think you’re anti-social, shy or stuck-up.  That’s not always the case.  Most introverts don’t mind socializing, as long as it’s in small amounts.  I know I don’t.  I just have a harder time because I happen to fall under the category of being a shy-introvert (not a good combo, by the way).  But I do really enjoy my alone time…

2.) Being the “invisible one” at social events.  It’s not that we don’t try to socialize with people, we’re just not always the best at doing it.  As a result, we can sometimes feel more lonely at a social event than if we just stayed home alone.  I know that 99% of the time I dread going to these kind of events because I know I’ll just end up sitting in a corner wishing I had the courage to go talk to someone… or that someone would come to me since I’m too shy to do it myself.

invisible stitch

3.) To go out or not to go out?  That is the question.  This is a huge struggle.  A friend calls and wants to make plans for that weekend, but then the weekend comes and you wake up that morning and just want to stay home, read your book and drink hot chocolate all day.

sailor moon introvert introvert tumblr post

4.) The fear of sounding like a fool.  I’m not sure if this is really for all introverts or just the shy ones, but I know I’m constantly afraid I’m going to say the wrong thing to someone and sound stupid.  I often find myself reevaluating conversations and thinking… (well, you know).

hagrid introvert

5.) People saying that scheduling alone time isn’t being “busy”.  Well for introverts, it is.  Most of us get tired from socializing for hours on end every day of the week, and we can also get pretty grumpy if we can’t have time to ourselves.  We literally need alone time, and if we have to schedule out that time to get it, we will.

dinner with me

6.) “Why are you always in a bad mood?”  It’s said that introverts tend to always have the expression on their face that gives off the impression that they are angry or upset.  Trust me, that is hardly ever the case.  We just have other things on our minds.

7.) Secretly wishing we were a little more extroverted.  Despite the fact we enjoy our alone time, we also wish we weren’t so easily drained from being around others.  It’s natural to want interaction with other humans (we were created to have relationships with others, after all).  I know I wish I could interact with others a little more easily like my extroverted family and friends.

Is there anything you struggle with as an introvert?  

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Friday Five: Blogger Love v.35

It’s cliché to say this, but another week is gone!  Crazy, right?  There’s just a little over two months left of 2015 and I still think 2009 was two years ago.

My week was a little weirder than usual.  I just felt like things were a little out of whack each day and my routines for the week got a little derailed.  I’m not a fan of that.  But thankfully it’s the weekend and as usual, mine will be full of football and food… at least I’m hoping for tomorrow.

So here are a few of my favorite blog posts I enjoyed this week.

fridayfive default

  1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others by Tipsy Writer.  This is something I struggle with, but I have gotten better over the years.  You just got to be you and realize that we’re not all meant to live the same life.
  2. Fear Not, For I am With You by From Bisons to Buckeyes.  An inspirational post about struggling with anxiety, but remembering that God is always with us… so everything is going to be just fine if we trust Him.
  3. Being Our Own Cheerleaders by A Girl, Obsessed.  Not everyone is going to be cheering us on to do what we love… so there will be times in our lives when we have to take on the role of being our own cheerleader.
  4. 31+ Ideas of Halloween by A Fresh Start.  For all the Halloween fans, since the holiday is next week here are some ideas for costumes, decor, etc.
  5. 13 ways to not get sick in college by Coming Up Roses.  Flu season is right around the corner, so here are some ways to avoid getting sick.  It says for college students, but I think these can apply to pretty much everyone.

All the Joys - Blogger Love

So there’s my five favorite posts of the week and I think y’all should go and give them a look.

As always,  don’t forget to check out the host of Blogger Love, Meagan on All The Joys and give her some blogger love as well!

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Making the Most of Free Time

Free time probably seems like a foreign concept to many people.  Between having a job, going to school and taking care of a family, what adult has free time?

Well, recent college graduates, for one.  Maybe not all of them, but we cannot ignore the fact that finding a job after college can be rough.  Unfortunately, as you all know, I’m experiencing this right now.  The job hunt is endless and though I’ve gone to a few interviews, I haven’t landed a job just yet.

As you can imagine, I have tons of free time on my hands right now.

making use of free time

Being home alone all day is a good way for someone to slowly slip into madness (which I think I started the descent to madness years ago, but for other reasons).  So the question is, how does one keep from losing their mind during the unemployment phase of their life?

Easy, do things.

I’m not talking about watching TV or playing video games, which I mean, you can do anyway… but trust me, it gets tiring doing nothing all day long (weird, right?).  And those are two surefire ways to put yourself into a temporary depression.  No, I’m talking about doing things that will teach you new skills or something that will benefit you or others.

Ways to Make the Most of Unexpected Free Time:
  • Learn a new skill.  This can vary greatly.  Some skills that I can think of to learn would be photography, photo/video editing, creating graphics or effects, web design, or cooking.  But there are plenty of other skills you can learn.
  • Learn a new language.  I guess you can consider this a skill, but since there are so many languages to learn, I’m keeping this separate.  I started using Rosetta Stone for French, but got a little (more like a lot) off track during the move.  I also really want to learn American Sign Language soon.
  • Learn more about your favorite subjects.  If there’s a topic that you want to make yourself an expert in, then learning all you can about that subject is a great way to make use of your extra free time.  Especially after college when there’s a topic you always wanted to dive into more, but the semester was never long enough to learn it all in class.
  • Write.  Writing can help you express your feelings during a hard time in your life, including unemployment.  This could turn into a habit of journal writing, or starting a blog.  It doesn’t have to be that type of writing though, you can start writing fiction if that’s where your mind goes.  I know I’m personally working on finishing up some of my old fan-fictions (because I hate leaving them unfinished).
  • Start a new workout routine.  People like to say they would work out if they had the time, so if you find yourself with a load of free time, maybe now is the time to start it.
  • Go for walks.  Walks can be a way to get some exercise, and it’s my preferred method of being active.  Going for walks can also just be relaxing if you’d rather take your time instead of power-walking.  It’s a good way to let your mind wander and reflect on everything.
  • Read.  You know that book you said you’d read when you have free time?  Well, get to it!  It’s nice to be able to enjoy books that aren’t textbooks.
  • Do a personal Bible study.  There are plenty of books that concentrate on one theme or book of the Bible that can be done yourself (or with a friend or two).  It’s a great way to learn more about God’s Word instead of just reading through it without any in-depth thought to what’s being said.
  • Start a new personal project.  This could vary as well, meaning that you can work on some arts and crafts you’ve been wanting to do, create a new website for yourself or a friend, start a YouTube channel, create a personal video project just for kicks, start a podcast, crochet a blanket, redecorate a room in your home… the list basically goes on.

What are some things you’d do if you had an extended period of free time?  

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currently // october

I was going to start spacing these out and only do them every few months, but I really just like sharing what I’ve been up to each month.  Sometimes things change dramatically and sometimes they don’t, but you never know unless someone tells you, right?

So here’s what I’ve been up to this month.

currently october 2015

Loving // Football.  I get really excited for the games, even for teams I don’t care for.  I honestly hate Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights because I have nothing to watch on TV.

Excited // For the Buffalo Bills game on the 25th.  No, I’m not going… it’s in London.  Which means that my mom and I get to watch them at 9:30 in the morning!! How awesome is that?  Football literally all. day. long. – from 9:30am till nearly midnight!

Hoping // to hear from one or more of the jobs I recently applied to… soon.

Drinking // I’ve been loving the hot drinks lately… coffee, tea, hot chocolate – the usual.

Wearing // it’s starting to get chilly out now, so I’ve had to incorporate long sleeve tees and sweatshirts into my daily outfits, but I love the cozy feeling I get from wearing them!

Watching // my mom and I are into Grandfathered – if you haven’t seen it, check it out!  I’ve also reverted back to watching season one of Glee… and it’s killing me inside.

Listening // mostly to Selena Gomez’s new album, but I’ve also been enjoying some good old Justin Timberlake songs.

Speaking of JT, I really enjoy this Justin Timberlake Medley by Max Schnieder, Victoria Justice and Kurt Schnieder.

What are you currently up to?

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Friday Five: Blogger Love v.34

Happy Friday everyone!  How are you?

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday Five post.  I’ve just been off my game a little, and to be honest, I miss sharing my favorite posts of the week.  It’s weird when life happens and you just get thrown off track so it takes a while to really get back to your usual routines… even blogging routines.  But, with that said, Friday Five is back on orangeowldiaries!

fridayfive default

  1. 17 Ways to Quickly De-Stress by A Girl, Obsessed.  Some ways to let go of that stress that often bugs us throughout our lives.  I personally find that music or writing works for me.
  2. Why You Should Start a Blog Today by A Silver Twig.  I tweeted this one out earlier this week, but it deserves another sharing because there are some great reasons to start a blog, and Ashley points those reasons out pretty well. (Hint: it’s not all about the money!)
  3. 5 Reasons You Should Have Business Cards as a Blogger by Oak + Oats.  I think if you have a website of any kind, you should have a business card.  It makes things interesting.  I have one that I like to hand out that not only has this website on it, but my Natural Chance Productions & Photography site as well.
  4. Things Only Us Bloggers Will Understand by Fleur Danielle.  I cannot express how true these are… if you’re a blogger, you know what I’m talking about.
  5. 11 Tips for Productivity by Thirteen Thoughts.  Because who couldn’t use some productivity tips when all you want to do is lounge in sweatpants, eat cookies and watch Netflix?

All the Joys - Blogger Love

So there’s my five favorite posts of the week and I think y’all should go and give them a look.

As always,  don’t forget to check out the host of Blogger Love, Meagan on All The Joys and give her some blogger love as well!

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Selena Gomez’s “Revival” [album review]

As I’m sure you all have heard, Selena Gomez’s fifth studio album, Revival, was released last Friday.  This was a big deal for her and her fans since not only has it been two years since her previous album, Stars Dance, but this is also the first album that she’s had complete creative control over.

Let me take a moment to say that, yes, I am a Selena fan.  I have been not-so patiently waiting for this album to be released.  I’m long overdue for some new music on my iPod.

So my overall thought about Selena’s new album… it’s good, but it’s not my personal favorite.

selena gomez revival review

As it is with any album, there are songs that are good and songs that aren’t so good.  Unfortunately, there are no songs on this album that hit me hard like her 2014 single ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants,’ but I do like a handful off Revival.

So what are the best songs off the album?  I’d have to say that Kill Em With Kindness,’ Nobody,’ ‘Camouflage,’  Same Old Love,’ and the bonus track Cologne’.  If I have to pick just three, then the first three I listed there are definitely the top tracks of the album.  By no means are those the only songs I like from the album… those are just the ones that stand out the most to me.

Two other songs I fully enjoy are the title song Revival’ and Sober,’ and by that I mean I enjoy the music and lyrics of the songs.  I will also admit that I like Me & the Rhythm’ and after hearing it twenty-thousand times on the radio, Good For You’.  The difference between these four songs are that I enjoy the latter two based off their catchiness and that I find myself humming/singing the songs at random moments.  Though personally, I’d like ‘Good For You’ much more if we left the bridge by A$AP Rocky out of the song (who even is this guy?).

The three songs I can say that I think are just for the lack of a better word, terrible, are Hands To Myself,’ Me & My Girls’ and Body Heat’.  I knew within the first 30 seconds of the song that I didn’t like them, and I’m normally one to give a song a full listen-through before judging it (and on that note, I did listen to these tracks all the way through).

But as I said, overall this album is good for Selena’s comeback to the music scene.  The tracks are definitely different than those of her previous albums and you can definitely sense that these songs are more personal to her.

What do you think of Selena’s new album?

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13 Things You WON’T Find on My Bucket List

As you can tell by my 25 Before 25 and Goals for 2015 lists, I like making lists of things I’d like to do in my life.  I’ll admit, I’m somewhat slow at achieving some of these goals (and just plain lazy on others), but I feel as though having them public on my blog makes me more likely to actually do them at some point so that I can document the moment… in most cases.

Despite all the things I want to do in my life, there are quite a few things that I have no desire to do.  I figured since I like to share my bucket lists with you all, I might as well share my anti-bucket list as well.

my anti bucket list

  1. Get a pet rodent, ferret or snake.  Honestly, I don’t get the point of pets that don’t cuddle with you, like kittens or dogs.  In that case, I might as well add birds to this list too.  And I’m not saying you can’t cuddle a ferret, I’m sure most ferret owners do, but they’re not my kind of animal to have as a pet.
  2. Go to law or medical school.  I just have no desire to become a lawyer and/or doctor… plain and simple.
  3. Become famous for singing.  I’ll stick to singing when I’m home alone or driving by myself.
  4. Finish watching the Twilight movies.  After the tragedies that are the first two movies… no thanks.
  5. Go skydiving.  I am in no way adventurous and this just seems like a risk I could never take.
  6. Go to a Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber concert.  Not even if you offered me millions of dollars.
  7. Be a contestant in a cooking competition.  Please, the only thing I can make at the moment is spaghetti sauce… plus I have no desire to learn fancy recipes that will impress foodie judges.
  8. Go a month without my phone.  I mean, I can go without looking at it for a day or whatever, but for a month?  Heck no.
  9. Do a TED Talk.  They can be interesting, and I’m sure someday I’ll have something interesting to share… but I hate public speaking, so… nope.
  10. Go backpacking in Europe.  I’ll visit Europe someday, sure, but I’m not about to travel with only a backpack and have no idea where I’ll end up next.
  11. Get a root canal.  After seeing the pain my mom endured after having one… no way man.  I’ll just yank the tooth out if it ever comes to that point and get a fake one later on.
  12. Gamble in Vegas.  Not really my scene or something that I have a burning desire to do in life.
  13. Learn to surf.  I don’t even really like going to the ocean, period.  I’d rather take up snowboarding or skiing first.


Now I’m wondering, what’s on your anti-bucket list?  Are any of them listed on mine?

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Podcasts I Enjoy

I actually got into listening to podcasts last year when I started listening to The College Info Geek Podcast with Thomas Frank.  For a very long time, that was the only podcast I listened to because it was hard for me to find others that interested me.

podcasts i enjoy

Why listen to podcasts?

I find that podcasts can be either entertaining or informative… sometimes both.  I tend to listen to more informative podcasts to learn new strategies for being productive or to learn more about blogging and running your own business.  Since most of those are about the same length of time as my morning walks, I listen to them while I’m walking and I’m able to really tune into the podcast and absorb the information.

Anyway, since I now have a few podcasts that I really enjoy listening to, I think it’d be a crime to not share these podcasts so that you guys and gals can check them out as well!

The College Info Geek Podcast


Trust me when I say this podcast is literally for everyone, not just people in college.  While Thomas does talk about ways to be more productive in class and how to land a good job, he also talks occasionally about handling finances, being an adult and how to be productive outside of school and in your professional life.  My favorite episode is Episode 11 where Thomas gives us the story of how he founded College Info Geek  If you choose only one of the podcasts from my list to listen to, I’d say go with this one!

How Did You Get Into That?

how did you get into that

Grant Baldwin finds the answers to questions many of us want to know – how did a person get into the job they’re in?  Each show he interviews someone with an interesting title or has started up their own business.  It’s a good show for wondering how someone went about and opened up their own coffee shop, turned blogging into their full-time job or even how they became a Lego master builder.  My personal favorite episode was the one where Grant interviewed Tim Paige about having a part-time gig as a voice-over artist.

ProBlogger Podcast


Darren Rowse from ProBlogger and Digital Photography School launched this podcast back in July starting with 31 Days To Building A Better Blog where he released episodes daily for bloggers to start or expand upon their blogs.  Now he releases two episodes a week and are full of good information about blogging and growing your blog.  My favorite episode was a recent one – Do You Recognize These 21 Blogging Mistakes?

Bloggers Get Social

bloggers get social

This is another podcast I just started listening to, but I already love it!  This podcast, run by Krystal, is all about helping bloggers utilize social media to grow their blogs and connect with other bloggers.  I haven’t listened to enough episodes to have a favorite yet, but I did learn about a new live broadcasting app called Blab which I will be checking out very soon!

The Freelancer

the freelancer

I just started listening to this podcast with Paul Jarvis, so I don’t know too much about it or have a favorite episode just yet.  What I can tell you, from what I heard about it, is that it’s a show to help you and your freelance business.  I’m thinking it’ll be a good show to check out.

Not Too Deep

not too deep

For entertainment purposes, I listen to Grace Helbig’s podcast where she interviews fellow YouTubers.  The topics they talk about in each episode vary, but it’s a fun way to learn about your favorite YouTubers and get a few laughs (more like a lot).

So there we have it, those are the podcasts that I currently listen to on a regular basis, and as you can see, they’re mostly informational podcasts.  If you haven’t yet heard of or checked out these podcasts, I highly suggest you do.  I doubt you’ll regret it!

Do you listen to podcasts and if so, which ones do you listen to? 

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Football, Glee and… Britney Spears?

Is it possible that these three can be combined?

Yes, yes they can.

Two years ago I was stuck while figuring out what songs to use for that year’s football videos.  Naturally, I tend to skip over any Backstreet Boys, Nsync or similar artists due to not wanting to embarrass my football guys.  I guess I couldn’t resist this time.

I remember when the Glee version of Britney Spears’ song “Stronger” played on my shuffle list that I couldn’t help thinking, ‘This would go great with a football video.’  In fact, I even know of a few Nsync songs I’ve been dying to use, but have resisted.  I don’t know what it was about that song, but I could not resist using it for a video… so this was the result.

I might have thought this version of the song was better suited for a football video since in the Glee episode this song was featured in, Artie was dreaming about making it onto the football team to impress his former girlfriend.  I think it worked out pretty well for my own video.

Happy Throwback Thursday/Thursday Night Football everyone!

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25 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Hi friends!  I feel like it’s been forever, then again, it’s been forever since I’ve had my laptop.  The good news is that I’m picking it up at the Apple Store today and I’m confident that they have finally fixed this issue I mentioned in my last post, as they decided to replace the logic board this time.  I really think that was the issue this entire time, so having that fixed should stop this ‘shift-key’ nonsense.

Anyway, I stumbled on Sophi’s post this morning – 25 Things You May Not Know About Me – and I feel up to the Q&A style post to jump back into blogging this week. However, I did change a few of the more personal ones since I’m paranoid.  So, here we go!

25 facts

1. What is your eye color? Green, with a tinge of blue on the outside.  They’ve been known to look either green or blue depending on what shirt I’m wearing… I have changing eyes! Ha!

2. Favorite Color? Orange (but I’m sure y’all knew that one).

3. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? Florida.  I finally got to go for my 21st birthday back in 2012 and it was amazing!  I can’t wait to go back!

4. What region of the United States do you live in? New England.

5. Favorite movie?  Ugh… it’s a tie between Titanic and Mean Creek.

6. What is your natural hair color? I was born a redhead (I have pictures to prove it), but as time passed it changed to a chestnut brown that looks red in the right lighting.

7. What is your favorite food? Chicken, especially boneless hot wings.

8. What is the last thing you bought? Slippers, Tazo Green Tea and a piece of decor for my room.

9. Favorite smells? Rain, before or after a big storm.  Also, brownies.

10. When was the last time you cried? Yesterday because I was overemotional about things.

11. What phone do you have? iPhone 5s

12. How tall are you? 5′ 2″ (okay, okay… 5′ 11/2” without sneakers :p)

13. Can you cook? Not much, but I have mastered my mom’s spaghetti sauce and that’s all that really matters… right?

14. What color is your car? Invisible ;)

15. Favorite item at Trader Joe’s? Their dried mango slices.

16. Favorite way to travel? Driving.

17. What can’t you sleep without? Shorts and t-shirt… even in the winter.

18. Do you collect anything? Anything with owls or that is orange… and I’m also collecting shot glasses from each state I visit despite the fact I don’t drink.

19. If you were given 1 million dollars and you could only spend it on yourself, what would you do with it? Pay off student loans and bills, then get a new iMac desktop.

20. Have any magazine subscriptions? No.

21. What were you doing at 12 am last night? Sleeping.

22. Any tattoos? Nope.  I wanted one a few years ago, but decided against it.  It’s just not me.

23. Favorite area restaurant? Olive Garden (even though it’s everywhere)… and Applwoods.

24.  Dream job?  Freelance videographer, studio operator at a TV studio, writer, photographer… I think that’s it for now.

25. Biggest guilty pleasure? Writing and reading fan-fiction for my favorite TV shows, books and movies.

Well, that was fun.  I’d actually like to do another Q&A, but with questions that you ask.  I feel like answering your questions would be more fun!

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