25 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Hi friends!  I feel like it’s been forever, then again, it’s been forever since I’ve had my laptop.  The good news is that I’m picking it up at the Apple Store today and I’m confident that they have finally fixed this issue I mentioned in my last post, as they decided to replace the logic board this time.  I really think that was the issue this entire time, so having that fixed should stop this ‘shift-key’ nonsense.

Anyway, I stumbled on Sophi’s post this morning – 25 Things You May Not Know About Me – and I feel up to the Q&A style post to jump back into blogging this week. However, I did change a few of the more personal ones since I’m paranoid.  So, here we go!

25 facts

1. What is your eye color? Green, with a tinge of blue on the outside.  They’ve been known to look either green or blue depending on what shirt I’m wearing… I have changing eyes! Ha!

2. Favorite Color? Orange (but I’m sure y’all knew that one).

3. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? Florida.  I finally got to go for my 21st birthday back in 2012 and it was amazing!  I can’t wait to go back!

4. What region of the United States do you live in? New England.

5. Favorite movie?  Ugh… it’s a tie between Titanic and Mean Creek.

6. What is your natural hair color? I was born a redhead (I have pictures to prove it), but as time passed it changed to a chestnut brown that looks red in the right lighting.

7. What is your favorite food? Chicken, especially boneless hot wings.

8. What is the last thing you bought? Slippers, Tazo Green Tea and a piece of decor for my room.

9. Favorite smells? Rain, before or after a big storm.  Also, brownies.

10. When was the last time you cried? Yesterday because I was overemotional about things.

11. What phone do you have? iPhone 5s

12. How tall are you? 5′ 2″ (okay, okay… 5′ 11/2” without sneakers :p)

13. Can you cook? Not much, but I have mastered my mom’s spaghetti sauce and that’s all that really matters… right?

14. What color is your car? Invisible ;)

15. Favorite item at Trader Joe’s? Their dried mango slices.

16. Favorite way to travel? Driving.

17. What can’t you sleep without? Shorts and t-shirt… even in the winter.

18. Do you collect anything? Anything with owls or that is orange… and I’m also collecting shot glasses from each state I visit despite the fact I don’t drink.

19. If you were given 1 million dollars and you could only spend it on yourself, what would you do with it? Pay off student loans and bills, then get a new iMac desktop.

20. Have any magazine subscriptions? No.

21. What were you doing at 12 am last night? Sleeping.

22. Any tattoos? Nope.  I wanted one a few years ago, but decided against it.  It’s just not me.

23. Favorite area restaurant? Olive Garden (even though it’s everywhere)… and Applwoods.

24.  Dream job?  Freelance videographer, studio operator at a TV studio, writer, photographer… I think that’s it for now.

25. Biggest guilty pleasure? Writing and reading fan-fiction for my favorite TV shows, books and movies.

Well, that was fun.  I’d actually like to do another Q&A, but with questions that you ask.  I feel like answering your questions would be more fun!

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