Standing By – Deleted Scene

It’s been a while (okay, a year) since I’ve posted on Orange Owl Diaries, but with good reason. I actually started a different blog that is more book-focused, as that’s what this one was slowly turning into. I’m keeping the Diaries up because it’s years of my life that was documented… and I might still continue it by posting every day stuff. We’ll see what happens.

Anyway, I’m also trying to post updates and fun stuff on my author website/blog as I kick myself back into writing gear. This year definitely threw us all for a loop, but it’s time to kick butt and not let it get to me anymore.

With that said, this is a post from my author blog sharing a tiny deleted scene from my original writings before I got my book going. I’m hoping to share more stuff like this, as well as short stories, in the coming months and hopefully I’ll be able to get on track to write another book soon!

Tabitha G. Kelly

I’m a fan of watching deleted scenes from movies.  It’s interesting to see what doesn’t make the final cut of a movie because sometimes they really can add to the story, and the only reason they were cut was due to time constraints.  Other times the scenes just didn’t fit into the final version.  So if movies have deleted scenes, who says books can’t?

After all, mine does.

There were a lot of scenes I’d had written out (from way before I’d even started the book) that I wanted to use, but didn’t end up putting them into the first draft of the story.  The problem was that my characters took reign of what was happening and some scenes were no longer relevant to the story that was being told.  So I thought it would be interesting to take some of these “deleted” scenes and post them for your enjoyment.

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