The Third Twin [book review]

Lexi and Ava are identical twins, and when they were younger, they made up an imaginary triplet named Alicia.  She was their way out of trouble when they were kids, and now that the girls are older, Alicia is their alter-ego for boys they’d never actually consider dating in real life.

Things take a nasty turn when one of the boys ‘Alicia’ dated ends up dead, and Lexi thinks it’s time to put an end to this ‘Alicia’ game, especially now.  Ava insists that everything will be okay as long as they continue to follow the rules they made up for being Alicia.  But all too soon another boy ends up dead and this time Continue reading

Growing Up in a Pizza Place

What was your childhood like?  Was it normal?  Why or why not?

This question pops up a lot on prompts for bloggers to do for when they get stuck, but it’s one that I’ve wanted to write about for years now… I just haven’t gotten around to it until now.

My childhood was definitely a little offbeat when you compare it to other kids my age.  First of all, I spent about 90-95% of it Continue reading


“‘Meaningless! Meaningless!’
    says the Teacher.
‘Utterly meaningless!
    Everything is meaningless.'” – Ecclesiastes 1:2 (NIV)

Solomon is known as one of the wisest men to walk the earth, and in Ecclesiastes he uses the word ‘meaningless’ 37 times.  In the first seven chapters of the book he tries to find fulfillment in worldly things, such as scientific discovery, philosophy, alcohol, luxury, etc.  He cannot find true Continue reading

Ravenclaw Pride Day

If you weren’t aware, this week is the annual House Pride week.  This was initially started on Pottermore a few years ago, and we Harry Potter fans like to keep it going each year (even if the website doesn’t).  I’ve been seeing my Instagram feed filled with plenty of house pride this week, and finally, it’s Ravenclaw day.


I would just like to say Happy Ravenclaw Pride Day to my fellow Ravenclaws everywhere.  And in honor of the Ravenclaw house Continue reading

The Circle [book review]

Mae Holland is given the opportunity of a lifetime when she is hired to work for the Circle.  The Circle, based on a campus that even the most prestigious colleges are jealous of, links up users’ emails, social media, banking, and just about any online account they have within a universal operating system.  Mae is looking forward to working with the brilliant minds behind the operation and who are working to continue to enhance the Circle to make the world a safer place for all.

As the weeks go by, Mae becomes more involved with trying to prove to herself  and to her colleagues that she deserves to be there, and she soon becomes a public figure at the Circle.  Soon she will be the face of a new era – one where everything is transparent and secrets are no more.
Continue reading

Mall Haul

It’s not often I go to the mall for the day to actually shop at multiple stores; it’s probably about once (maybe twice) a year that I do this.  I have to say that I’ve gotten a little better at not spending unnecessary money when I actually do have the extra money to spend.  It helped that I Continue reading

Bookworm Problems (v. 4)

Writing this series is definitely a lot of fun because I think just about every one of the problems I’ve listed so far is something that has happened to me (or at least 9/10).  I love seeing memes on social media that fit under ‘bookworm problems’ and sharing them.  I’m sure I annoy my friends with all the book related pictures and articles I post, but hey, that’s just who I am.  At least I know my coworkers get a kick out of them. Continue reading

Attachments [book review]

I’m not doing so hot on keeping up with my book reviews lately.  I’ve only reviewed three of the nine books I’ve read so far this year.  My bad.  I promise I’ll get to the books, as long as I feel they are worthy of a review, and obviously I won’t need to review the Harry Potter series or books I’ve read and reviewed in the past.

In any case, today I will be reviewing a book for y’all – one that I read very recently.  And it was one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Continue reading