Recent Reads [March 2017]

I hate to say this, but I think I might be reading too many books in a short amount of time.  Lately I'm always shocked to look back and see what books I read because I feel like I read those books ages ago; not just a month ago.  It's probably not going to stop me … Continue reading Recent Reads [March 2017]

The Third Twin [book review]

Lexi and Ava are identical twins, and when they were younger, they made up an imaginary triplet named Alicia.  She was their way out of trouble when they were kids, and now that the girls are older, Alicia is their alter-ego for boys they'd never actually consider dating in real life. Things take a nasty turn … Continue reading The Third Twin [book review]


"'Meaningless! Meaningless!'     says the Teacher. 'Utterly meaningless!     Everything is meaningless.'" - Ecclesiastes 1:2 (NIV) Solomon is known as one of the wisest men to walk the earth, and in Ecclesiastes he uses the word 'meaningless' 37 times.  In the first seven chapters of the book he tries to find fulfillment in worldly things, such as scientific discovery, … Continue reading Meaningless