Bookworm Problems (v. 4)

Writing this series is definitely a lot of fun because I think just about every one of the problems I’ve listed so far is something that has happened to me (or at least 9/10).  I love seeing memes on social media that fit under ‘bookworm problems’ and sharing them.  I’m sure I annoy my friends with all the book related pictures and articles I post, but hey, that’s just who I am.  At least I know my coworkers get a kick out of them.

I’d probably come up with these a lot faster if I got the girls at work involved with this.  Of course then it would probably end up being more of a “Librarian Problems” list.

But hey… that’s not a bad idea either…


Bookworm Problems:

1. When a book you love doesn’t get made into a movie, even though you think it would actually make a fantastic movie.

2. There is never enough space in your bag for all the books you want to bring with you.

3. When you don’t like the ending of a book so you read dozens of fanfiction stories to find one that satisfies you.

4. Pronouncing a word incorrectly because you’ve read it a thousand times, but never said it out loud.

5. When no one gets your literary references.

6. The anxiety of just thinking about all the books you want to read, but you know deep down you’ll never be able to read them all.

7. When you can’t see the movie when it comes out in theaters because you haven’t read the book yet.

8. Being judged based off the genres you read.

9. Not having enough shelf space for new books.

10. When you accidentally read a spoiler online.

11. Library books don’t always look as nice for Bookstagram pictures as the ones you own.

12. When you’re lying on your back reading when suddenly your fingers go slack and the book falls on your face.

13. Your idea of an outdoor activity is taking a book outside to read.

14. Not getting over the death of a favorite character even thought it’s been years.

15. When you’ve been reading for hours and forget where you are when you finally put the book down.


I hope you enjoyed this little segment of Bookworm Problems and I will have another one for y’all soon!  And hey, let me know if you’d like to see a Librarian Problems post – I’m sure the girls at work and I would come up with some good ones.


Which of these 15 problems bother you the most?

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6 thoughts on “Bookworm Problems (v. 4)

  1. jessicamarie493 says:

    There’s been countless times where I’ve looked up a book on Pinterest for fan art and spoiled myself. It’s awful. Lol.
    I think the librarian problems would be funny too read about also! 🙃

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