Bookworm Problems (v. 4)

Writing this series is definitely a lot of fun because I think just about every one of the problems I've listed so far is something that has happened to me (or at least 9/10).  I love seeing memes on social media that fit under 'bookworm problems' and sharing them.  I'm sure I annoy my friends with … Continue reading Bookworm Problems (v. 4)

Bookworm Problems (v. 3)

Hello bookworms! I'm back with some more bookworm problems.  I'm actually currently experiencing the "reading slump" problem I mentioned in version one of this series.  I mean, I'm reading a book right now, it's just taking me a long time to do it because I've been weirdly tired lately.  Isn't it terrible when that happens?  Being … Continue reading Bookworm Problems (v. 3)