10 Reasons to Keep a Reading Journal

Earlier this year my mom surprised me with a few bookish gifts, including a reading journal.  I had toyed with the idea of one in the past, but I had decided that's what Goodreads is for.  But when I got that reading journal I began to use it as I read books throughout the year … Continue reading 10 Reasons to Keep a Reading Journal

Why Do You Use the Library?

Some people say libraries are going to be obsolete in the future due to the rise in technology and the fact that so many people are using and buying ebooks.  I say that going by that alone is showing just how little people know about libraries.  Libraries offer more than just a vast collection of … Continue reading Why Do You Use the Library?

PicMonkey Is No Longer Free

Sure, you can still use their tools to edit a photo, but if you want to save it?  Well, then you'll have to purchase a membership. Without any real warning, PicMonkey has changed how they operate, and users are not happy. https://twitter.com/leejennaa/status/912395029137604609 https://twitter.com/LancsKaren/status/912437662446968832 What makes matters worse is that if a free user goes on … Continue reading PicMonkey Is No Longer Free