PicMonkey Is No Longer Free

Sure, you can still use their tools to edit a photo, but if you want to save it?  Well, then you’ll have to purchase a membership.

Without any real warning, PicMonkey has changed how they operate, and users are not happy.

What makes matters worse is that if a free user goes on and tries to edit an image, they have no prior warning that they will not be able to export their image.  This is how I found out, and it looks like I’m not alone.

The least they could do is put it up on the website that you have to pay to save your work.  But in that case, they should just make it so you have to pay to use any of the editing.  Who goes online to a free photo editor to not save their photos?  Bad move PicMonkey.

I’ve always recommended PicMonkey as the best place to go and edit photos and I’ve been a faithful user of it for the past five years.  Unfortunately, I won’t be doing so anymore.  It’s sad, because I always chose to use PicMonkey despite the fact I have Photoshop on my computer, and you can do so much more in Photoshop.  It looks like I’ll be a full-time Photoshop user now, and I’ll have to start using GIMP or another editing service for quick edits when I’m not editing on my MacBook.

And yes, I’ve let them know how I feel about this change as well.  I don’t normally express my thoughts to companies when they make changes I don’t agree with, but offering a “free” editing suite where you can’t save your work is just wrong.

What do you think of this change by PicMonkey?  Did you even know about it before this?

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12 thoughts on “PicMonkey Is No Longer Free

  1. Dawn Presley says:

    So upset about Picmonkey no longer being free! Went to Ipiccy.com and glad it’s just as good as Picmonkey! Thank goodness as I think it is stupid to have to pay to edit your own photo!

    • Andi says:

      thanks for the suggestion — I just went to edit a photo card and learned this the hard way when I went to save it … I don’t object at all to them changing their business model, but would have been a better experience to have them be more transparent about it .. my guess is that they did that intentionally to get people to sign up with their CC/payment info for a free trial and then get billed for the whole year after you forget to turn off the free trial — its hard to walk away from your hard editing work so I bet some people rather just enter the information in to save the work that they did. Appreciate the tip on Ipiccy.com tho — I’ll try to recreate there.

  2. Mayra says:

    I was pissed when I realized this. If I am making a YT thumbnail I still use it and then use the snipping tool to save it. However, this will not work with a transparent background. And I still have to go and resize to make it useful in YT. ugh.

  3. Beth says:

    For those seeking an alternative to PicMonkey, I recommend Fotor.
    As you’d expect, Fotor is a free service that lets you edit your photos online.

    Use Fotor almost every day, multiple times a day, for years.
    You can still edit photos in Fotor for free, spend hours crafting a visual masterpiece, and actually save your creation without having to [pay] enter your credit card details.

  4. Amanda Paul says:

    Just went to look at Fotor and went to sign up…it’s not free. Says it’s USD$39.99 annually. Ipiccy still appears free though :)

    • Iris says:

      I like to upload my own font, and my own images – can’t figure out CANVA, properly… colour-pick tool?! Anyway.

      Ipiccy and Fotor I will try…

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