Me as a Writer: The Writer’s Tag

Hey all, I'm still trying to ease my way back into regular blogging, but I always seem to be doing something else and don't think of it until I'm lying in bed trying to fall asleep.  Oh well, it happens, right? Anyway, I found this tag over at Me and Ink and decided it would … Continue reading Me as a Writer: The Writer’s Tag

When the Library Loses Internet

Panic.  Chaos.  Disaster. Well, not really, but some people did freak out. The other day at work our Internet connection went out at around two-thirty in the afternoon, which is about three and a half hours before we closed.  Let me tell you, it was a long three hours. At first, it didn't seem like … Continue reading When the Library Loses Internet


I recently went to my old middle school and high school to donate copies of my book and do a little bit of promotion (at the middle school) to hopefully get them interested in reading Standing By.  Going to the schools was surreal, of course, since nothing has really changed inside of them. It's even … Continue reading Nostalgia