The Review Issue

A problem that I have come across in recent years is looking up book reviews before deciding to buy or even read a book.  This is an issue because I might end up missing out on a really good book or end up hating one that everyone else loves.

I’ve been more conscious of this problem in the recent months, but I still cannot seem to ignore the ratings of a book before deciding if I want to read it.  I’m not letting it affect my decision to read it or not, but I feel like now I’m letting the ratings affect my overall review/thoughts of a book.  This is where I hate how Goodreads has affected my reading life… otherwise, it’s great!

And it’s not just Goodreads either.  Even following book bloggers and reading their thoughts on a book seems to have an impact on me.  Maybe not as much, unless they are someone who has the same taste as I do.

I’m wondering if anyone else has this issue – trying not to let others’ reviews/ratings affect your own thoughts on a book or decision to buy or read it.  I honestly kind of miss the days when I’d go to a bookstore and buy whatever books interested me without any second thoughts (but at the same time, thinking about a book before buying it has saved my wallet a few times).

What are your thoughts on reading reviews before reading/buying a book?

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P.S. – Be on the lookout y’all.  I’m thinking about doing a giveaway for my book, Standing By, very soon!


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