Top Posts of 2015

It’s that time of year everyone… the time where bloggers are all posting their most popular posts of the year – and I’m no exception.  I thought it’d be interesting to see which of my posts did the best this year.  I can tell you one thing, 2015 has been the best year for my blog by far when it comes to visitors and views – it beat last year by a good 5,500 views!  I realize 7,000 blog views is nothing to big bloggers, but for me… that’s pretty awesome.

popular posts of 2015

There are posts that I published thinking they’d skyrocket in views, but it never really happened for any of those particular ones.  Posts that I didn’t think would make the top did better than I expected, but isn’t that how it always goes?  So here are the most popular posts of orangeowldiaries for 2015!

Most Popular Posts of 2015
  1. The Sorting Hat Tell No Lies – the winner of most popular post won by a landslide.  It beat the second post by 400 views for the year. They were both published earlier in the year, but still about 20 months apart.
  2. A Work in Progress [book review] – my review of YouTuber Connor Franta’s autobiography.
  3. You Might Be From Connecticut If… – a list of things that you will definitely know/experience if you’re from the 3rd smallest state in the United States.
  4. My Essential iPhone Apps – a short list of some of my favorite iPhone Apps in 2015.  Though I might be due for an update on this post, or follow up, in the beginning of 2016.
  5. Worrying About Worry… it’s not just me! – a post from Blogging 101 where we had to write a response post to another blogger’s post.  Worrying is something I constantly struggle with and it’s something we all actually deal with on some level.
  6. Grandpaland and Movie Credits – a post about my experience this summer working on an independent film and getting to see my name in the credits on the big screen!
  7. I Just Wanted My Mom – my experience where I felt like I would most likely end up in the hospital and all I could think were two things – “God, please don’t let me die” and “I want my mom” – because no matter how old you are, if you don’t feel good you just want your mom.

So those are my top seven most popular posts of 2015.  Looking at them I really shouldn’t be surprised that the Sorting Hat post was the more popular… I mean, think about how popular Harry Potter is.  For that matter, Connor Franta’s book was a pretty popular topic at the beginning of this year, so that isn’t a huge surprise either.  All the others were a surprise for me though that they made the top.

What this shows me is that usually sharing my experiences bring in the most views for my blog, which is all I really wanted to achieve with this blog – sharing my experiences.  That’s always been my purpose for this blog and it’s not changing anytime soon.  So no matter how many tag posts or currently posts I do, I will always be sure to share my experiences in hopes that my blogging friends and readers can relate.

Here’s to a another year of blogging in 2016!

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December Playlist

I said last month that December’s playlist would probably be more Christmas songs than anything… that’s somewhat true.  For the most part, it didn’t feel like Christmas really happened this year… and it wasn’t just me.  Customers at work were even saying it didn’t feel like Christmas.  It might have been because Christmas Eve and Day were 60-70º outside or something else entirely.  Either way, it came and went real fast and 2016 starts on Friday… weird.

Anyway, here are my most played songs of December!

december2015 playlist

Not This Year – Aly & AJ

I know this made the list last month, but who says a song can’t be constantly on repeat?  This one just really explained my Christmas season for 2015… it just happened but I wasn’t really in the spirit.  I guess we can all relate to this song at some point in our lives.

O Holy Night – MercyMe

I listened to this song a lot this month, despite not really being in the Christmas spirit.  It is one of my favorite versions of it, next to Lea Michele’s off the Glee soundtrack.  I have about five or six different artists singing this song in my iTunes library and each one just has a different mood to it that I enjoy at different times.  Still, I think this one is my top favorite.

River – Robert Downey Jr.

I don’t care who originally sang this song… this will be my favorite version.  First of all, I love Robert Downey Jr. and realizing that he sang this song on Ally McBeal just made me love him more.  I promise if you give it a listen you’ll love it too!

Silent Night Medley – Hanson

I love Christmas songs at all times of the year, but a medley of them?  Yes!  Hanson definitely killed it with this medley of Silent Night, O Holy Night and O Come All Ye Faithful.  The songs all flow perfectly into each other and if you didn’t know these songs were separate… you’d think they were all one song in this mash-up.

Little Drummer Boy – Aly & AJ

It’s probably not a version everyone will love, but it’s my favorite.  It takes the slow-paced song and speeds it up for those in my generation and later generations.  Of course I’ll always enjoy the slower versions of the song, but when I’m not in the mood for slow songs this one is the best.

Mary Did You Know? – Pentatonix

If you haven’t heard this version of Mary Did You Know? then you’re living under a rock… a large one.  This took the cake as my favorite version of this song.  Who doesn’t love acapella songs?

Welcome Christmas – Glee Cast

The Grinch is my favorite Christmas movie of all time, so it’s only right I listen to a version of one of the songs from the movie.  It’s the Glee version, yes, and it is amazing.  This cast nailed the song on the head and did a wonderful job.

The Heart Wants What It Wants – Selena Gomez

The first song to make the list that isn’t a Christmas one.  I first heard this song a year ago this month, so that’s probably why it’s on repeat again this December.  It’s definitely one the best Selena Gomez has out there.

Justin Timberlake Medley – Victoria Justice & Max Schnieder

I’m sure this made the list last month… but it is my favorite video/mashup of the year as well, so why wouldn’t it be?  I love JT and Nsync… and Kurt’s videos are awesome so of course I love this medley of Justin Timberlake songs.

Hard To Say I’m Sorry – Chicago

I’ve loved this song as long as I can remember.  I was raised on music from the 70s and 80s as a kid… my mom didn’t really listen to any other music (until I introduced her to Nsync and Backstreet Boys).  I recently started listening to some older songs along with my Christmas music this month and this one I found I put on repeat quite often.


So, that is it.  My top tracks from my playlist this month.  I didn’t lie last month when I said most of the songs would be Christmas songs.  This time I’m going to say that next month will be a mix of 80s songs and some music I haven’t listened to in a while that I grew up with in my late childhood and early teens.

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Transformation of a Tabby

We’re no strangers to the daily photo trends that hit Instagram weekly – Man Crush Monday, Transformation Tuesday, Women Crush Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday, Sentimental Saturday and everyone’s favorite… Selfie Sunday.

I’ve only done a handful of the throwbacks/flashbacks because I love sharing old photos and the memories that go along with them.  That’s why I think those trends are okay, because it’s sharing memories.  Of course, it does a little tiring to post a throwback every. single. Thursday.

But, my dear friends, today is Tuesday… which is really just a Throwback Thursday in disguise.

I’m going to take this Transformation Tuesday to the extreme and show a medley of old photos to get a real transformation of the little ginger kid I was born as to the not-so ginger kid I am today.  (Okay, my hair still has a teensy bit of red left, but only in certain light)

red hair tabby

I’m going to guess I was at least a year old in this one.  This is proof that I had red hair at one point in my life.  It also proves that my mom really wanted me to end up in the medical field when I grew up… sorry mom.

3 year old tabby

Again I’m taking a guess and saying that I’m about 3 years old in this one.  We can clearly see that my chipmunk cheeks are more prominent than two years ago and that my dad instilled the love for the New York Giants at an early age (even though I now also love the Buffalo Bills).

3rd grade

I clearly remember this picture being taken in my 3rd grade classroom.  The only thing this proves is that I really loved my Scooby Doo.  Oh, and that the red in my hair has obviously made itself scarce.

elf tabby

The year I became an elf.  I think I’m about 11 or 12 years old here.  This is pretty fitting since I stopped growing at the age of twelve.  I’m a whopping 5′ 1 1/2” tall.

I think I’d make a great elf, actually.

tabby 2008 tabby 09

As you can see in these two selfies, the only change between 2008 and 2009 was that I (once again) got bangs.  That was something I always fought my mom on.  She wanted me to grow out my hair to one length and I wanted bangs.  I would give into her for a while, then after a year cut my bangs short again.  It was finally in 2012 that I grew them out and I haven’t cut them since.

tabby 2012

This picture is one of my mom’s favorites.  It was from my first self-portrait shoot when I got my first DSLR camera.  I went out on an overcast 50º day down to the nearby ballpark and just had fun.  Since then I try to do a self-portrait session each year because I really do love doing them.  I have a lot of fun in front of the camera during these sessions.

tabby 2014

And this last one is from 2014.  My newest photos from this year are in another post, and you can see one of them in my profile picture to the side of my blog.

It’s actually quite fun to look at these photos and see how I’ve changed over the years.  The only thing I wish hadn’t changed was my hair color, but I do like the highlights I get done every year – a trend after my first year of college.

So, that’s me over the years.

Have you changed much in your lifetime?

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Cards From the Heart

I’m going to go out and admit that I hate buying cards for people.  I’m sorry, but Hallmark makes way too much money off these cards each year.  Yes, the cards have nice images and can have really thoughtful sayings or be hilarious, but is it worth it to spend 3-5 dollars on a card that ends up in the trash six months later?

I don’t think so.

This year, after buying a box of blank thank-you cards for my graduation party, I decided I needed to go on the money-saving route and start making my own cards for the past few birthdays in 2015.  This was something I hadn’t done since I was a kid, so going back to using colored pencils and drawing (terrible) flowers on a card seemed childish, but I did it anyway.

Between October and now I only made a total of three birthday cards, as there were only three birthdays that really called for the occasion of making a card.  I’m not an artist after all, so making cards isn’t a strong suit.  The birthdays included were my parents and one of my close friends.  All three were fairly easy to make, since I know them well I was able to add a personal element to it by drawing something I know they like (a favorite team logo, a specific flower or a movie character).

The result – they all loved their cards.  My mom said it means more than getting a store-bought card and my dad likes the fact I didn’t spend money on a card (though I’m sure he agrees that it means more as well).  I will say that making the cards were all fun, but my final one for the year was by far my favorite.

yoda birthday card

I might have cheated and traced Yoda from my computer screen, but some of the details I had to do without tracing and just eyeing the picture because it was hard to hold the card up and trace every single detail.  I’m glad I didn’t go with buying stickers for the card because it would’ve just looked thrown together… even if I did make the card the night before my friend’s birthday.

I have to say that I agree that a homemade card means a lot more – and is definitely more worth keeping in the long run.  I currently have two cards that were homemade over the last few years that really mean a lot to me in words and the fact that the two people took time to make the card.  Although I love both, the card from my dad for my 21st birthday has to be my all-time favorite.

21st birthday card

My dad actually picked up rocks from his driveway and used Scotch tape to stick them to the card as my first and last “drink” … how creative is that?  I love it and it’s on display in my room on the wall rather than just sitting in a box full of mementos because of the thought and work that was put into it.  Of course, my other card is up on my wall as well, but I’m just using this one as an example – and because it was the first homemade card I ever got.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to buy a card for someone, I mean standing at the store and spending money on a card is certainly showing someone you care.  It’s just that certain circumstances this past year have taught me that sometimes making your own, and saving money in the long run, is just a little better for both parties.

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2015 Goals – Results

It’s finally the end of the year.  Not that it really took long for us to get to the end of the year.  I’m still shocked that 2016 is in just a few days!

As you may know, I made a few goals earlier this year like many people do, so I’d like to take a look back at them and see just what I was able to accomplish and what I wasn’t able to.  I can tell you right now I didn’t complete them all, which is disappointing, but sometimes life doesn’t always go the way you think it will (in some cases).  So let’s take a look at the results.

1 // Graduate from collegeCompleted May 16th.

Well I think we all know that this one was a success.  Five and half years of blood, sweat, tears and head cramps paid off for a lovely degree sitting on the dining room wall.  And I met some pretty awesome people during my college years.

2 // Get a job in the field I loveFailed.

Unfortunately this didn’t happen in 2015.  I guess it’s one of those goals that is a little harder to achieve than it seems.  I can’t base how my job search will go based off of my peers’.  It’s all different, and for some people finding a job in the field you love isn’t as easy.  Especially without a car.  Despite that, I can at least still say that I’m available for freelancing, which is half of what I want to do anyway.  So it’s not a complete failure.

3 // Eat somewhat healthierFailed.

Nope, nope, nope.  Especially at the end of this year… like from October till now.  I got a bad case of sweet tooth and went overboard with candy and other sweets, especially right before Christmas.  Thankfully I got a blender for Christmas so there are healthy smoothies awaiting me in 2016!

4 // Complete another Goodreads Challenge Failed.

Nope.  My reading pretty much took a halt around September.  I barely read any books this year and it hurts me that I failed this one, especially since I love reading.  I’m definitely making a reading list for 2016 and I will complete it… so I’ll have to make it a realistic one, ha.

5 // Get into the habit of journal writingComplete.

I’ve learned the secret of journaling… and it’s that it doesn’t have to be every single day.  While it’s good to keep track of your days, I think it’s more important to remember the highlights of what happens in life.  A journal should be something you read with interest when you go back and look over your memories… so keep the most important ones in there.

6 // Do a home study on at least one book of the BibleComplete.

I completed a Bible study on the book of James in October, which was later than I was expecting, but I still finished it.  It was a very good study and I definitely learned a bit through it.  I’m looking forward to doing another one soon, but I’m unsure if it will be on one book of the Bible or on a particular topic.  I’m leaning towards a topic this time.

7 // Donate money to an organization/causeFailed.

I’m just going to admit this… I failed.  But it’s also hard to donate when you aren’t making any money to donate.

8 // Mail a handwritten letter to someoneCompleted June 6th.

I actually did this one!  I sent a handwritten letter to my best friend over the summer and she told me she really loved it.  Oh, and get this… she got it on the day known as National Best Friend Day!  How perfect!

9 // Start a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly feature on my blogFailed.

Over the course of the year I was doing The Friday Five where I shared my favorite blog posts of the week, however I got off track after the move and haven’t gotten back into it.  I also never started a feature of my own like I wanted to, so this was a fail.


So yeah, I didn’t do so well with these goals.  This is probably the reason I don’t usually make new goals each year… I usually fail at them.  I still might make a 2016 one though… I’ll just make it a little more realistic than my 2015 one was.

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The Cousin Who Grew Up Too Fast

I have a lot of cousins, and I’m not just saying that.  Just from my mom’s side of my family I have about 25 cousins between my aunts and uncles, then add their children… I lost count.

Over the years I’ve been close to a number of my cousins.  First it was just with those who fell into the same age group, but as I got older I was able to connect well with my older cousins.  For the most part I’m not too close with any of my younger cousins and second cousins… but there are a few exceptions.

One such exception is my cousin Matt, who is 7 years younger than me.

matt and tabby

This kid was like a little brother to me for a few years when I was in high school, so having to acknowledge the fact that he’s graduating high school this coming June is hard for me.

I had the idea of making him a special football video this year since he has grown up so much over the past five years.  He is one of the few football players you can actually watch grow up on screen, so I decided to make him a ‘through the years’ video.

He looks nearly the same from2012 till now… the only difference being that he’s gotten even taller over the past three years.  So this is my little Christmas present to him, since he loves the football videos so much.

With that, Merry Christmas everyone!!

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2015 Favorites

With just over a week of the year to go, I think it’s a good time to share my favorites of the year.  Unfortunately I didn’t read as many books or see as many movies as I wanted to, but I saw enough to have to think about which ones were my favorites.  And I’m just letting everyone know now that, no I haven’t seen Mockingjay Part 2 or Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet, so neither of those are on my favorites.

Anyway, let’s get to what did make my favorites of 2015 list!

favorites of 2015

Favorite Book: taking chances molly mcadams

Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

This book was definitely the highlight fictional read of the year.  The story was one that kept me entranced for hours and I could not stop turning the page.  There were parts that I wasn’t fond of, of course, but overall it’s a great book and worth a read.  I actually reviewed it earlier this year, but be warned… there are spoilers!!

descendants-posterFavorite Movie:

Disney’s Descendants

I know, it’s a Disney movie… but you have to admit that the thought of Disney’s most feared villains having kids of their own that get the chance to escape their island prison and take over the world is pretty interesting.  Of course, you’d have to watch the movie to see what happens.  The songs are catchy, too catchy, but overall they’re great songs and the performances were good.  This is definitely a movie for any Disney fan (review here).

Favorite Song:

Flawless – MercyMe

I know this song came out last year, but since I discovered it this year… it’s a 2015 song for me.  This song was one that I fell in love with the first time I heard it on the radio and is often on repeat, especially in my head.  It’s definitely a go-to song for when I’m tired at work and need to sing a song to keep myself awake.  And let’s not forget how inspirational this song is!

Favorite TV Show:

S2posterYoung & Hungry

Season 2 of this show definitely brought more laughs and awkward situations for the characters and it was one that I enjoyed.  Of course, season 2 was longer than the first so there was more to enjoy.  This is a show I recommend checking out (it’s on Netflix) and I can’t wait for season 3 to premiere in February!

Favorite App: forest app icon


It’s a simple app – you set the time that you want to stay focused for and let your tree grow.  It prevents you from opening other apps on your phone because if you do, your tree dies.  It’s not only great for productivity, but even for when you’re out to dinner with friends and don’t want to be constantly on your phone (review here).

Favorite YouTube Video: 

Justin Timberlake Medley by Kurt Hugo Schneider (performed by Victoria Justice & Max Schneider)

This video is my second favorite to Kurt’s Pokemon Remix video, but definitely my favorite of 2015.  First of all, it’s all one take!  That isn’t easy to pull off, but Kurt always manages to pull it off in the end and the videos are simply amazing.  Of course I love the Segway element (that couldn’t have made filming easy), but what I love the most is that it’s a Justin Timberlake medley and they made sure to include a few *NSync songs!  YouTuber video of the year y’all.

Favorite Blog:

Tipsy Writer

It’s hard to choose a favorite blog, especially when I follow so many of them, but I have to choose Tipsy Writer because it’s very relatable and applicable for anyone who reads it.  Megan posts lists of tips for everyday things such as dealing with stress or why journaling is good for you.  She even throws in some interesting facts posts that can teach you something you hadn’t known about, say, Christmas.  I’m definitely happy that I came across her blog this year and can’t wait to see what she has planned for the new year.


So those are my favorites of 2015.  It has been a great year and it isn’t over yet, but I’m still looking forward to what 2016 has in store!

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My Hardest Obstacle of 2015

Since my previous post was about the 5 Things I Enjoyed About 2015, it’s only right that now I talk about the hardest thing I dealt with in 2015.

I don’t anyone to take this post the wrong way, I’m not in any way complaining.  I realize I am much better off than a lot of people and I’m so grateful for it.  But that doesn’t mean that some of the things I went through weren’t hard either.  You never understand something until you’re in that person’s shoes.

So what was the hardest thing for me this year?

hardest obstacle 2015

Being unemployed.

After graduation I was no longer able to continue my job working in the media center at my university, since it was for students only.  Thankfully I the company I was interning at during my final semester kept me on for the summer as a freelance videographer, but they only needed me one day every other week.  I had a few things to keep myself busy during the beginning of my summer – working on the movie and going to Vermont – and although both were fun, they weren’t exactly making any money either.

The majority of my summer and fall were spent trolling and other job posting sites to find something, anything, so that I could work to be able to pay bills.  I had interviews at a good handful of places, including some local TV networks, but was eventually turned down.  It was definitely discouraging each time I got rejected, but for the most part I was able to keep my head up by telling myself, “that’s just not where God wants me right now.”

But the rejections along with being home alone most days was definitely not good for my mental health… my mom even worried that I was going to get depressed.  In fact, I think most people would get depressed in a situation like that.  I’ll admit, I had a few bad days where I just felt like my life was going nowhere or was in a state of… blah.  Thankfully I never got truly depressed over this situation because I knew God had something planned, but it hard when you don’t get an answer right away.

I guess that’s where faith comes in.

A few more rejections later, I finally landed a job last month and I could not be more grateful to be back in the work force after six months of not working.  It might not be full-time or my dream job, but it’s a job and I know I wouldn’t have it if God didn’t have some kind of plan for me being there now.  It might be that I need to work on my people skills, since I’m the shyest person I know, or to keep me humble by not throwing me right into a high-end job right after school where I’ll become arrogant.  Whatever the reason, I’m thankful to have it and I really do love the store I’m working at right now.

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5 Things [2015 edition]

Prompts are always fun, right?

5 things

I mean, they help you when you’re stuck and have no idea what to write.  That goes for any kind of writing – fanfiction, non-fiction, regular fiction, poetry and most importantly… blogging.  Thanks to Sophie over at Keep Going I found this list of December prompts for daily blogging.  However, since it’s already over halfway through the month, I’m just going to choose a few of the prompts to help me finish off the month and the end of my 2015 blogging.

Today I am choosing the prompt number two, which is….

What are five things that you have enjoyed the most about this year?

1.) First things first, I enjoyed the fact that I graduated college.  After six long years of classes, papers, changing majors and changing schools… I finally got my diploma this past spring.  Can I just say what a relief it is to not have to write papers anymore?  Or worry about presentations?  I do miss school in a way, but papers and projects are enough to keep me from going on to get a Master’s Degree (for now anyway).

2.) Working on a movie.  That was an experience I will never forget – and one you can read about here.  It wasn’t paid and they were long days (usually about 10-12 hours), but I had so much fun with my friends on set and meeting some new people in the cast and crew.  Then let’s not forget the moment of seeing the finished product at the premiere and seeing my name in the credits on the big screen.

movie cast and crew

3.) Going to Vermont, for the second time.  This year my mom and I went to Vermont for the second time (our first being August 2014).  It was part of a graduation present, in a way, to just get away from town for a while.  We drive 7-8 hours up to Burlington, VT and stayed for about 5 days.  The scary thing was that during those few days was when those escaped murderers had broken out of a state prison in New York and it was said they were supposedly seen going toward the Burlington area.  Other than that, my mom and I relaxed and enjoyed our time at the resort and going out and doing things like going to the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, downtown Burlington and more.

4.) Moving and setting up my new room.  While the moving part wasn’t so much fun, I really love my room (yes, I still do!).  I actually love my room so much that I did a room tour post and did a live room tour on Periscope last month.  I might have to record another room tour video that’s more structured to put up on YouTube… maybe next year.

my room pano

5.) Football.  Okay, okay… this is an every year thing I enjoy, but this year especially.  First of all, before I got my job a few weeks ago I was going up to my dad’s house every Sunday to watch the Giants’ games, including the Giants vs. Buffalo game that killed me inside (being a fan of both teams).  Secondly, my flag football boys started to play again this year after taking year off and I had a great time filming and editing some football videos this fall.  Though I still have the season finale video to edit… so there is one more video coming soon.

Those were just a few highlights of my year, but those were the ones that stand out the most.

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It Doesn’t Feel Like December…

Honestly, if it weren’t for all the Christmas lights I see at night, or the fact that it gets dark at 4:30pm, I’d forget that it’s even December.  I’m just not feeling it.

No, not because time has flown by since September.

The reason it’s not feeling like December is because the weather has been fantastic the last few months.  We haven’t had a daytime temperature lower than 40 degrees!  In fact, it’s expected to hit 60 degrees today (if it hasn’t already).  I was out walking in yoga capris and a t-shirt with a light sweatshirt on earlier this morning.

This past week has been great now that I think about it.  We had a good streak of temperatures in the 40s at the end of November, but since December started it’s been more in the 50s.  I’m not complaining at all.

I can only think of one reason why the temperatures have been the way they are, and no, not global warming.  I’ve been consistently praying for a mild winter this year, because last year was just… yuck.  Also, I worry about my mom and dad traveling out of town for their jobs.  Then there’s the fact that my mom and I just hate the cold.  I mean, we can deal with it when we have the right kind of winter gear and a good heating system in the house, but that doesn’t change the hating of the mess that comes with winter.

So, yeah, I’ve been praying for a mild winter and God’s been answering that prayer.

I’m really enjoying this mild winter.  It feels like a preview of the kind of winter we’d have when my mom and I do get around to moving south.

I guess the only downside is that, despite the mess, I do like a white Christmas.  It’s only right.

But I love the current temperatures we’ve been having… so I’ll sacrifice a white Christmas for not freezing my wimpy butt off.

How have you been liking the current temperatures in your area?

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The Christmas Tag!

It’s been a week, so I suppose I can write a blog post again (ha!).  No really, I feel bad I haven’t been posting.  I’ve been very tired for no apparent reason and I’m getting used to working again after not working regularly for 5 months.  Can I just mention again that I really like my job though?  I mean, yeah, it gets hard when it’s busy ’cause people are shopping for Christmas and other holidays, but I still like it.

Anyway, to keep up with a Christmas theme this month I am going to do the Christmas Tag, which I found over on Sophie’s blog this morning.  I came online not knowing what I’d write about and then I saw that.  Why not?  I mean, Christmas is less than 20 days away.

Less. Than. Twenty. Days.

In any case, let’s get to this tag!

christmas tag

1) What is Your Favorite Christmas Movie?

How the Grinch Stole Christmas, hands down.  I have a stronger preference for the live-action film with Jim Carrey due to the comedy, but I love the original cartoon version just as much.

2) Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

I always had a tradition with my mom to open one on Christmas Eve, but that sort of dissipated as I started to spend Christmas Eve Day with my dad and Christmas Day with my mom.  So I open presents on both days.

3) Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?


Yes!  One Christmas my mom had this guitar that she bought for her boyfriend at the time hidden in my room (I knew it was there), so on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day she told me to go upstairs and get it.  I brought it down and gave it to her so she could give it to him, but she handed it back to me and said, ‘Merry Christmas.’  Yeah, the guitar was actually my present and it was sitting in my room for two weeks prior… very clever Mom.

4) What is your favorite festive food?


I tend to like ham or lasagna for Christmas, but I also have those other times of the year.  So I guess my favorite is the variety of chocolates I get – Cello chocolate-covered cherries, chocolate oranges, chocolate coins.  I know those are all available any other time of the year, but they’re more enjoyable around Christmastime.

5) Over the years, what has been your favorite Christmas present?

Since I can’t remember every present I’ve ever gotten, I do know of two I got Christmas 2011 that I still love to this day, which would be the key-heart necklace my mom got me and my Xbox 360 my dad got me.  I’m sure there are others I have that are up there with these two, but those are the only ones I can think of at the moment.

6) What is your favorite Christmas scent?

Pinecones and pine trees.

7) Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

Being at my dad’s for Christmas Eve, pretty much.  Last year I decorated Christmas cookies with my step-mom and step-sisters so I’m hoping we do that again this year.

8) What is at the top of your Christmas tree?

As of right now, nothing.  We’re getting a new tree and still have yet to get it so I don’t know what will be on top yet.

9) Do you like to stay in your PJ’s or dress up on Christmas day?

Pajamas all the way!  And as of last year my favorite Christmas pajamas to wear is my Grinch onesie complete with a hood.  It’s childish, yes, but it’s hilarious as well.

10) Do you prefer candy canes of gingerbread men?

Not really sure, now.  I guess it’s a tie.  When I was younger it was candy canes.

And there we have it everyone!  My answers to the Christmas Tag!  I encourage anyone to fill this out on their own blog if they so wish, but I’m not directly tagging anyone.  I do ask if you fill it out to leave a link in the comments so I can read your answers.  I like learning about other peoples’ Christmas traditions and such.

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My Christmas Movie List

christmas bucket list

Well ladies and gents, it’s December 1st!  I don’t know how many of you watched the 50th anniversary special for A Charlie Brown Christmas, but I thought the behind the scenes take on it was pretty cool.  I’ll admit, I didn’t watch the entire thing though… only about half of it.

Now that it’s December though, it’s publicly acceptable for me to watch my Christmas movies.  Though that doesn’t stop me from watching them any other time of the year… especially in July.

Most years I seem to miss watching a Christmas movie that I had meant to watch, but just forgot about.  So this year I’m posting my Christmas Movie Bucket List to ensure that I watch all of my holiday favorites at least once.

My Christmas Movie Bucket List

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Christmas With the Kranks
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • Frosty Returns
  • Frozen
  • Home Alone 1 & 2
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon)
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey version)
  • Jeff Dunham Christmas Special
  • The Little Drummer Boy
  • Max Lucado’s – The Christmas Candle
  • Recess Christmas – Miracle on Third Street
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  • The Santa Clause 1-3
  • Unaccompanied Minors

Now, if you noticed that Elf is not on my list… I purposely did that.  I am probably the only person other my mom who doesn’t like that movie.  I can’t tell you why, I just don’t like it.  Never have, and can pretty much guarantee I never will.  I also realize that Frozen is not a Christmas movie per se, but it’s winter themed so it works for me.

So other than Elf, if there’s a good Christmas movie that you know of and didn’t see on my list feel free to make a suggestion because I’m going to watch all the Christmas movies I can this month, even after Christmas Day.  Like I said, there are no boundaries to when I watch Christmas movies.

What are some of your favorites to watch each year?

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