December Playlist

I said last month that December’s playlist would probably be more Christmas songs than anything… that’s somewhat true.  For the most part, it didn’t feel like Christmas really happened this year… and it wasn’t just me.  Customers at work were even saying it didn’t feel like Christmas.  It might have been because Christmas Eve and Day were 60-70º outside or something else entirely.  Either way, it came and went real fast and 2016 starts on Friday… weird.

Anyway, here are my most played songs of December!

december2015 playlist

Not This Year – Aly & AJ

I know this made the list last month, but who says a song can’t be constantly on repeat?  This one just really explained my Christmas season for 2015… it just happened but I wasn’t really in the spirit.  I guess we can all relate to this song at some point in our lives.

O Holy Night – MercyMe

I listened to this song a lot this month, despite not really being in the Christmas spirit.  It is one of my favorite versions of it, next to Lea Michele’s off the Glee soundtrack.  I have about five or six different artists singing this song in my iTunes library and each one just has a different mood to it that I enjoy at different times.  Still, I think this one is my top favorite.

River – Robert Downey Jr.

I don’t care who originally sang this song… this will be my favorite version.  First of all, I love Robert Downey Jr. and realizing that he sang this song on Ally McBeal just made me love him more.  I promise if you give it a listen you’ll love it too!

Silent Night Medley – Hanson

I love Christmas songs at all times of the year, but a medley of them?  Yes!  Hanson definitely killed it with this medley of Silent Night, O Holy Night and O Come All Ye Faithful.  The songs all flow perfectly into each other and if you didn’t know these songs were separate… you’d think they were all one song in this mash-up.

Little Drummer Boy – Aly & AJ

It’s probably not a version everyone will love, but it’s my favorite.  It takes the slow-paced song and speeds it up for those in my generation and later generations.  Of course I’ll always enjoy the slower versions of the song, but when I’m not in the mood for slow songs this one is the best.

Mary Did You Know? – Pentatonix

If you haven’t heard this version of Mary Did You Know? then you’re living under a rock… a large one.  This took the cake as my favorite version of this song.  Who doesn’t love acapella songs?

Welcome Christmas – Glee Cast

The Grinch is my favorite Christmas movie of all time, so it’s only right I listen to a version of one of the songs from the movie.  It’s the Glee version, yes, and it is amazing.  This cast nailed the song on the head and did a wonderful job.

The Heart Wants What It Wants – Selena Gomez

The first song to make the list that isn’t a Christmas one.  I first heard this song a year ago this month, so that’s probably why it’s on repeat again this December.  It’s definitely one the best Selena Gomez has out there.

Justin Timberlake Medley – Victoria Justice & Max Schnieder

I’m sure this made the list last month… but it is my favorite video/mashup of the year as well, so why wouldn’t it be?  I love JT and Nsync… and Kurt’s videos are awesome so of course I love this medley of Justin Timberlake songs.

Hard To Say I’m Sorry – Chicago

I’ve loved this song as long as I can remember.  I was raised on music from the 70s and 80s as a kid… my mom didn’t really listen to any other music (until I introduced her to Nsync and Backstreet Boys).  I recently started listening to some older songs along with my Christmas music this month and this one I found I put on repeat quite often.


So, that is it.  My top tracks from my playlist this month.  I didn’t lie last month when I said most of the songs would be Christmas songs.  This time I’m going to say that next month will be a mix of 80s songs and some music I haven’t listened to in a while that I grew up with in my late childhood and early teens.

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