Transformation of a Tabby

We’re no strangers to the daily photo trends that hit Instagram weekly – Man Crush Monday, Transformation Tuesday, Women Crush Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday, Sentimental Saturday and everyone’s favorite… Selfie Sunday.

I’ve only done a handful of the throwbacks/flashbacks because I love sharing old photos and the memories that go along with them.  That’s why I think those trends are okay, because it’s sharing memories.  Of course, it does a little tiring to post a throwback every. single. Thursday.

But, my dear friends, today is Tuesday… which is really just a Throwback Thursday in disguise.

I’m going to take this Transformation Tuesday to the extreme and show a medley of old photos to get a real transformation of the little ginger kid I was born as to the not-so ginger kid I am today.  (Okay, my hair still has a teensy bit of red left, but only in certain light)

red hair tabby

I’m going to guess I was at least a year old in this one.  This is proof that I had red hair at one point in my life.  It also proves that my mom really wanted me to end up in the medical field when I grew up… sorry mom.

3 year old tabby

Again I’m taking a guess and saying that I’m about 3 years old in this one.  We can clearly see that my chipmunk cheeks are more prominent than two years ago and that my dad instilled the love for the New York Giants at an early age (even though I now also love the Buffalo Bills).

3rd grade

I clearly remember this picture being taken in my 3rd grade classroom.  The only thing this proves is that I really loved my Scooby Doo.  Oh, and that the red in my hair has obviously made itself scarce.

elf tabby

The year I became an elf.  I think I’m about 11 or 12 years old here.  This is pretty fitting since I stopped growing at the age of twelve.  I’m a whopping 5′ 1 1/2” tall.

I think I’d make a great elf, actually.

tabby 2008 tabby 09

As you can see in these two selfies, the only change between 2008 and 2009 was that I (once again) got bangs.  That was something I always fought my mom on.  She wanted me to grow out my hair to one length and I wanted bangs.  I would give into her for a while, then after a year cut my bangs short again.  It was finally in 2012 that I grew them out and I haven’t cut them since.

tabby 2012

This picture is one of my mom’s favorites.  It was from my first self-portrait shoot when I got my first DSLR camera.  I went out on an overcast 50º day down to the nearby ballpark and just had fun.  Since then I try to do a self-portrait session each year because I really do love doing them.  I have a lot of fun in front of the camera during these sessions.

tabby 2014

And this last one is from 2014.  My newest photos from this year are in another post, and you can see one of them in my profile picture to the side of my blog.

It’s actually quite fun to look at these photos and see how I’ve changed over the years.  The only thing I wish hadn’t changed was my hair color, but I do like the highlights I get done every year – a trend after my first year of college.

So, that’s me over the years.

Have you changed much in your lifetime?

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