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5 Books I Want to Reread This Year

As much as I love delving into new books there’s something about the familiarity of reading a book I’ve read before, especially if it’s been a few years since I’ve picked the book up.  Though I was planning on rereading a few books this year, I really want to now that I can add them toward my reading challenge on Goodreads.

It’s too soon to say if I’ll do reviews of these books, but I don’t want to add the pressure of Continue reading


What’s Happening Wednesday {Currently}

Happy Wednesday everyone!  And it’s the second one of the month, which means it’s time for a What’s Happening Wednesday post!  I had just realized yesterday that it was already time again to do this post, but I’m excited for it.  It’s nice sometimes to have some kind of monthly or weekly post to fall back on for when I’m stuck with what to write… and I’m sure I’m not he only blogger who feels this way (or at least I hope).

In any case, here’s what I’ve been up to recently!
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Fangirl [book review]

Simply put, Cath is a fangirl.  Well, more like an expert fangirl.  While most 18-year olds would be out with their friends and probably getting into some trouble, Cath prefers to spend her time in the fantasy world of Simon Snow, writing her incredibly popular fan-fiction of the series, Carry On, Simon.  Has she mentioned it has over 24,000 hits?

Unfortunately for Cath, things are going to change.  She’s starting her first year of college and instead of Continue reading


Finding Encouragement in Trying Times

This past week has been, well… quite a week.  For me, it’s been both stressful and eye-opening.

My entire life I’ve felt like I was the only conservative Christian girl, now young woman, among my peers.  As I’ve gotten older, this feeling has become more of a reality… and even more so over the past few months.  Thankfully, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Today I came across a post on Woman to Woman Ministries Continue reading


Social Media Time-Out

I typically try to steer clear of talking about politics on my blog, because I really get no enjoyment from it, but I do have to say this…

I’m about ready to delete Facebook and Twitter because of all the fighting/political posts I see on my news feed.

The best answer would be to just delete/unfollow the people I’m seeing these posts from, and I have done that with quite a few, but there are some important people Continue reading


Wake Up Happy [book review]

My first book of the year was Wake Up Happy by Michael Strahan.  I got this for Christmas and I thought it’d be a good book to start the new year off with.

Wake Up Happy is part memoir and part self-help.  As Strahan talks about certain events in his life he mentions what he learned from the experience and how he has applied it to his life later on.  There are 18 Strahan Rules, which are essentially Continue reading