Left Behind Series Review

An airborne Boeing 747 is headed to London when, without any warning, passengers mysteriously disappear from their seats. Terror and chaos slowly spread not only through the plane but also worldwide as unusual events continue to unfold. For those who have been left behind, the apocalypse has just begun... This is the beginning of a … Continue reading Left Behind Series Review


The New ‘Hey Arnold’ Movie Trailer is Here, and I’m Freaking Out

Yes, boys and squirrels, you heard me correctly.  There is a new Hey Arnold movie coming out in just under two months.  But, you knew that. If you didn't... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? It wasn't too long ago that 'Hey Arnold' creator Craig Bartlett announced that The Jungle Movie that was previously cancelled years ago … Continue reading The New ‘Hey Arnold’ Movie Trailer is Here, and I’m Freaking Out

PicMonkey Is No Longer Free

Sure, you can still use their tools to edit a photo, but if you want to save it?  Well, then you'll have to purchase a membership. Without any real warning, PicMonkey has changed how they operate, and users are not happy. https://twitter.com/leejennaa/status/912395029137604609 https://twitter.com/LancsKaren/status/912437662446968832 What makes matters worse is that if a free user goes on … Continue reading PicMonkey Is No Longer Free