I Actually DNF’d Three Books!

That’s right… I threw three books into the DNF pile this month!  I’m actually proud of myself because I’ll usually suffer through to finish even if I’m not liking a book.  I’ve done that so many times and I’m just sick of it.  Although… there was one book this month I read all the way through that I wish I hadn’t, but it wasn’t terrible either.

Anyway, we can all agree that life is too short to read books we’re not enjoying.  Sometimes we’re just not in the mood and we’ll end up reading the book at a later time, but most of the time we’re just not really into the book.

Books I DNF’d in July
  • Violent Ends – various authors
  • Paper Covers Rock – Jenny Hubbard
  • Twelve Angry Librarians – Miranda James

I am a little upset that I DNF’d these books because I did really have an interest in the books, but I just wasn’t getting into them as I read.  I would find myself spacing out or not following quite as easily as usual… that’s how I knew I had to put the book down.  There’s a possibility I’ll try these books again down the road, but for now… nope.

Did you DNF any books this month?

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