Library Lovers Tag

library lovers tag

1. How often do you visit your local library?

Technically 5 days a week… since I work there and all.  But I visit ones just outside of town once every few weeks.

2. Are you the type of person who checks out more books than you know you can read or are you someone who only checks out the exact amount of books you intend on reading before they are due?

Usually, yes.  I’m getting better at only taking out what I’ll read.  Then again, I can always renew the books too, haha.

3. How old were you when you got your first library card?

I’d say before I was 8 at least.  I remember being in the library as a child, I just can’t picture exactly what age was I was.

4. Do you go to your library looking for a particular book or do you check out anything that peaks your interest?

Depends.  Sometimes I need to find something completely new, but other times (especially as of late) there is a certain book I’m looking for and will not stop until I find it.

5. Do you use your library to check out just books or do you also check out dvds, audiobooks etc.?

For the most part it’s the books, but I’ve taken out DVDs a few times.

6. From what section of your library do you check out a majority of your books? ( YA, middle grade, adult, nonfiction.)

Almost always young adult books, but I’m trying to expand my horizons with reading adult fiction and some non-fiction.

7. What is your favorite part of using your local library?

Getting to find out about amazing new books that I never would’ve found on my own online or bought because they were too expensive when I was at the bookstore.  I also love talking to the librarians and patrons about books and learning about new books that way.

And that’s it for the Library Lover’s Tag!  I wish there were more questions about the library because I just love them all!  Maybe I’ll be able to find another library tag somewhere.

In the meantime I’m going to tag the following people to do this tag if they wish to do so…

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And of course, if anyone else wants to do this tag let me know if you do in the comments!  I’d love to see everyone else’s answers!

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This Is Where It Ends [book review]

An auditorium packed full of students and teachers… and one of them has a gun.


When picking up this book, I expected nothing less than to be on the edge of my seat and moved to tears while I read it.  Unfortunately, this book was not as moving as I thought it would be.  While I was on edge wondering what would happen to each character, the book was lacking in some aspects.

The book follows the POV’s of five different characters, and all of them know each other in some way.  We get the look of what’s going on inside the auditorium as the shooting is going on, but we also get the view of the characters who are on the outside of it all.  I personally didn’t connect with all of the characters, or even like them all.  Don’t get me wrong, I felt sad for those who lost someone in the events of the book, but it’s hard to actually feel the loss yourself when you don’t know the characters very well.

Other than not being able to really get to know and relate to the main characters of the book, there was a major lack of motive for the student shooter.  The kid was not bullied in any way and does not show any signs of a mental illness.  We do see that he has suffered a loss and abuse at home, so we can reason as to why he is hurting in some way, but from what I know that sort of thing doesn’t ususally motivate a kid to pull a gun out on his classmates.

I will go back to my point that I was on the edge of my seat while reading this.  Even though I did not relate to the characters that well, I was still scared for them while the shooting was going on.  I wanted to know if the characters on the outside would be able to get help in time to save their loved ones and if the characters on the inside would all survive.  I was also waiting to find out what motivated the shooter to do this, but as I said eariler, there was no real motive against the students or faculty.

Overall, I would give this book a 2.5 star rating since there were some things I liked about the book.  I feel it would’ve been better if we followed only two or three characters’ POV’s as opposed to five because we could’ve gotten to know some of them better which would’ve made the losses in the book more emotional to us readers.

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5 Reasons I Would Delete Facebook (and the one reason I haven’t)

Social media has become an essential in our lives.  Almost everyone has some sort of social meda profile, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or a blog (I happen to have all listed).  It’s the only way we connect with each other these days.  Seldom do we actually call people or make weekly meet-ups a thing.


Sometimes I consider deleting my Facebook account for a few good reasons.  I think we all go through this “wanting to delete our profile” mindset more than once, and I’m sure we all want to do it for similar reasons.

5 Reasons I Would Delete Facebook

1.) Drama.  Ugh!  I swear some people have nothing better to do than to pick on others for the most idiotic reasons, or to butt into other peoples’ lives.  I sometimes get fired up when I see something and get ready to make a comment, then I have to sit back, take a breath and remind myself it’s not worth starting a fight over.  This is why I tend to post/repost things about books or cats.

2.) Waste of time.  There are times when I’ll spend so much time just scrolling through my feed and it disgusts me.  I could write two week’s worth of blog posts or read three and half books with the time I waste on Facebook each week.

3.) Facebook, or it didn’t happen.  We live in the mindset where we have to constantly take pictures and update our statuses so people can see what we’re doing all the time.  Instead of just enjoying the concert we’re at, we’re recording a low-quality video to post later so people know we were there.  Yeah, it’s nice to take pictures and video to share, but sometimes you need to put the phone down and enjoy life.

4.) Stress.  Aside from drama, there is unecessary stress added when you post something on Facebook and keep going back to see how many likes and comments you got.  If you got a few, great!  But if you didn’t, you start wondering why no one is seeing your post or liking it.  Since when did a click of a mouse determine our self-worth?  And don’t get me started on the game requests.

5.) Creepy friend requests.  Okay, first of all, if I get a friend request from someone and I have no friends in common with them there is no way I’m going to accept it.  I block that sucker right off the bat!  Then there are the people who have the mindset of “I have two friends the same as this person, so I’ll add them.”  Again, no.  If I don’t know you personally from somewhere, I’m not adding you… thanks for playing.

The Reason I Keep Facebook

Networking.  The main reason I’ll keep Facebook as long as its relevant is for networking purposes.  As a blogger, videographer and amateur photographer, Facebook is a good way to share my content with my family and friends… who might end up sharing it with their family and friends.  It’s also a good way for people to sell things or let people know they’re giving away kittens or puppies.  Facebook, despite its many flaws and frustrations, is a good way to connect with people when you really try.

Or to just share adorable kitten videos.

Are there times you want to delete Facebook or any other social media profiles?

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I Work at a Public Library [book review]

Working in a library sounds like a pretty chill job, right?  It’s quiet, you make some small talk about the books people are checking out and you get to sit in a chair when you’re not shelving books.

That couldn’t be more wrong.


The author of this book, Gina Sheridan, has been a librarian for many years and has experienced anything but peace and quiet in her career.  In fact, some of the things that happened in the libraries she’s worked at are so bizarre that she had to start writing these happenings down.

The book is sorted by topic – computers, telephones, found items, etc. – with tales from each category that will have you laughing and saying, “Did that seriously happen?”  Some of the stories are actually a little gross and borderline disturbing, but hey, that’s our society today I suppose.  If you think about it, it’s not the situations that are surprising… it’s the fact that these happened in a library.

It’s a very quick read; if certain events hadn’t been going on as I was reading this I could’ve easily finished it in one sitting (maybe two, just to take a break in between).  Though some people may feel as though it’s a waste of a read, but I think anyone who works in a library will find this book very relatable.  I know I did.  In fact, I might have to start keeping track of what goes on in my own library!  Then I’ll have my own stories to tell someday.

So I would definitely recommend this book to any fellow library employees – you’ll be shaking your head and agreeing with half of the stuff that goes on.  I’d also recommend it to anyone who uses a library as a warning… don’t be like some of the people in this book.  Or do be like them – quite a few were entertaining.

I especially enjoyed this snippet from page 64:

Calling, Name (Redux)

ME: You have an overdue item.

PATRON: What is it?

ME: Charlotte’s Web.

PATRON: [Turning to seven-year-old daughter.] You turd.

I honestly laughed out loud at that one, and so did two of my coworkers.

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Goodbyes Are Hard

Today I say goodbye to someone who might’ve been short, but held a big place in my heart.

Last Sunday, September 11th, my grandma left this world – called home by God to be with Him and all of her family that went before her.  It was also her 80th birthday.

I’ve lost people before over the years, but this one is hitting the hardest.  Not because she was my last living grandparent, but she was the grandparent I had the closest relationship with.  Of course I loved my Nanni and Poppy just as much, I just didn’t get to see them as often and they also were called home to God more than a few years ago.

It wasn’t a surprise when she passed, we knew it was coming sometime soon..  She had been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer almost two years ago and her health had drastically declined over the past few weeks… especially the week I was in Vermont.  But even though we knew it would happen soon, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt as much.

Work has been a good distraction from all of this.  I’m not constantly consumed with thinking of my grandma and how I won’t be talking to her anymore on my morning walks or seeing her, but I can’t say that I haven’t been in a daze this past week.  I’m functioning on autopilot most of the day and not really thinking much about anything.  Most of the time it doesn’t even feel like it really happened… then I remember it did and lose it.

Another way I’m trying to get through this is by thinking that she’s not suffering anymore.  It’s selfish to want her here if she’s going to be in pain and sick.  It just sucks that she couldn’t still be here with her full health.

I’m very thankful for the kind words I’ve received from family, friends and coworkers over the past week, as well as the prayers for comfort.

So I’m going to wrap this up (because I’m a wreck right now writing this).

I already miss you a lot Gramma, but I know you’re with the Lord and your family, and most of all you’re not suffering anymore.  I’m only going to say goodbye for now, because I will see you again someday in Heaven.  I love you.

– Tabitha (Jellybean)

Return to the Isle of the Lost [book review]

Weeks have passed since Mal defeated her mother, Maleficent (now a tiny lizard), and everything seems peaceful for her and her friends.  However, there have been some weird weather patterns happening throughout the United States of Auradon that cannot be explained, and there have been some mysterious attacks in a nearby kingdom.

Then, there are the messages.


Mal and her friends each receive a message telling them to return to the Isle of the Lost before Saturday night.  They have no idea who sent them this message or why they want them to return, but after some hacking Carlos is able to find out that there is going to be a meeting of the Anti-Heroes club the night they were told to return to the Isle.  Going against their better judgement, the four former villains decide to travel to the Isle to find out what this club might be plotting and to stop them before they disrupt the peace in Auradon.

To my surprise, I did not enjoy this book as much as its predecessor, The Isle of the Lost.  Part of this is due to the fact that the villain kids are lacking the edge they had in the first book and the beginning of the Descendants movie.  I get that they chose good in the movie, but it seems as though their transformation to good was too drastic in such a short time.  Yes, Mal and Jay had a few moments where their bad side showed, but they were still much more tame than the first book.

Aside from that the plot was interesting, since it book took some turns that I wasn’t expecting and it kept me on my toes as I waited for certain events to either happen or not happen.  It was similar to the first book where each of the kids had their own battle to face on the Isle, only this had more of a focus on the new friendship the four now share.

There were some new characters who made small appearances that I liked, including Genie’s daughter, Jordan, and a few more of the villain kids that our old VK’s encounter on their trip home.

It was a little disappointing how fast-paced the story went, (I always appreciate a little more drama) but overall the book wasn’t bad.  I’d recommend it to anyone who loves the Descendants franchise and is impatient for Descendants 2 to come out next summer.

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Vermont’s “Largest” Candy Store?

My mom and I were recently in Vermont for the third year in a row and we were very much looking forward to it.  We got off to a not-so-great start and there were a few bumps during our stay, but the trip wasn’t a complete bust.  We still enjoyed ourselves and getting away from home for a few days.

Aside from trying the amazing Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury, we decided this year we would travel from our comfy room in Stowe to see Vermont’s largest candy store – Middlebury Sweets.  It was about an hour and a half from where we were staying, but hey… who doesn’t love a large candy store filled with treats you might not be able to find anywhere else?

That store?  Not very big.


We traveled all that way for a small, hole-in-the-wall candy store that wasn’t much bigger than a candy store in a mall.  Now that I’m thinking about it, it was about the size of the room we stayed in at our resort.  Not to mention that it doubled as a U-Haul rental place, so you have to wait for the person to finish with that before they ring you up.

We still got a decent haul of candy and they did have a lot to choose from as far as colors of M&M’s and different flavors of Jelly Belly’s, I just feel that it wasn’t worth going so far out of our way for it.  If we had been passing through Middlebury, it would’ve been a different story.

I hate to complain, but due to the fact that we used so much gas and wasted all that time traveling to Vermont’s “largest” candy store just upsets me.  I’m not saying it’s not Vermont’s largest candy store – it very well may be – but if they’re going to advertise it as being this great place to visit, please make sure it’s worth the time to go there.

And it wasn’t.

Have you ever been disappointed due to false advertising?

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Book Journaling Kit!

Ever since making my blog post planner printable and the mini-kit I have for sale on Etsy, I’ve been itching to make more printables.  It’s taken me 8 months to do it, but I did!

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present… the Book Journaling Kit!

book journaling kit

With the sheets I made for this kit, you can keep track of the books you want to read, make notes as you’re reading (if you’re a reviewer or just like to keep track of your thoughts), write down memorable quotes and keep track of who you’re lending books to.

I originally wanted to include some type of Monthly Reading Plan, but since I never end up going with my own reading plans, I can only assume that plenty of other people don’t either.  It’s hard when you’re constantly discovering new books to stick to a plan, unless it’s a kind of plan that keeps track of how much you’re reading each day/week.

Dang, that might be an idea for later.

Anyway, this is now available on my Etsy shop along with the Blog Planning Mini-Kit.  I hope that anyone who gets it will enjoy using it!  I can’t wait to try it out myself!

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The Case for Not Finishing a Book

Time is a precious thing.  You’re only allowed so much of it and there are no do-overs.  No matter how much we fantasize about time travel, the fact is… it’s never going to happen.

not finishing a book

With this is mind, I’m making a point to no longer waste my time on things I am not enjoying.  If I’m reading a book and I’m just not getting into it, then I’m not going to continue reading it for however many hours only to hate the book in the end.  I’ve finished books that I didn’t enjoy and it hurts me to think of the time I wasted reading those books.  My mom put it perfectly the other day by saying that if it feels like a chore to keep reading the book, then don’t.  That’s the same reason students don’t do their reading assignments – because it’s a chore.

Within the past year there have only been two books that I’ve given up on.  I don’t think that’s bad at all.  In fact, from what I can remember, there has only been one other book that I gave up on because I didn’t like how it was formatted and nothing made sense.  There may have been more, but at this time I only remember the three.

The most recent of these books was A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas.  Some of you are probably going to be upset, but I just didn’t like it after the first few chapters and I wasn’t going to waste a second more of my life reading it.  There were parts of the narration I didn’t like and the pacing was very slow.  Plus, it’s a fantasy novel and with the exception of Harry Potter, I don’t usually read fantasy.

a court of thorns and roses

But I think I deserve a pat on the shoulder for trying to expand my horizons.  This was just not the book for it.

Part of me gets upset when I decide to give up on a book.  Obviously there was something in the synopsis that sparked my interest, so why didn’t the actual book?  I can’t answer that, but at least I know I won’t be disgusted with myself after reading an entire book that I didn’t enjoy and realize how much time I wasted reading it.

I like to follow the unofficial ‘Rule of Fifty’ – where you give a book at least 50 pages before you decide to continue with it or not.  I’d say about 97% of the time I don’t even need to think about it.  However, if a book isn’t catching me right away, I’ll tell myself to give it until page 50 before deciding to drop it or not, sometimes a little more than that depending on the size of the book.  Most of the time though, the story will pick up by then and before I know it I’ve finished it.  It’s not very often where I actually decide to stop reading a book after page fifty.

“If it feels like a chore to read it, then don’t.  It will ruin reading for you.” – my mom

Of course, there is the rare case where I stop reading a book due to a lack of interest then some years later pick it back up again and actually finish it.  I have probably only done this once, maybe twice, in my lifetime.  There is a possibility it will happen again, but I make no promises.

After all, there are so many books I still have to read and so little time to read them.

Do you finish a book you’re not into? Or do you power through it like a madman/woman?

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