Book Journaling Kit!

Ever since making my blog post planner printable and the mini-kit I have for sale on Etsy, I’ve been itching to make more printables.  It’s taken me 8 months to do it, but I did!

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present… the Book Journaling Kit!

book journaling kit

With the sheets I made for this kit, you can keep track of the books you want to read, make notes as you’re reading (if you’re a reviewer or just like to keep track of your thoughts), write down memorable quotes and keep track of who you’re lending books to.

I originally wanted to include some type of Monthly Reading Plan, but since I never end up going with my own reading plans, I can only assume that plenty of other people don’t either.  It’s hard when you’re constantly discovering new books to stick to a plan, unless it’s a kind of plan that keeps track of how much you’re reading each day/week.

Dang, that might be an idea for later.

Anyway, this is now available on my Etsy shop along with the Blog Planning Mini-Kit.  I hope that anyone who gets it will enjoy using it!  I can’t wait to try it out myself!

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2 thoughts on “Book Journaling Kit!

  1. TrainOfThought says:

    Great, will check that out! It seems like the perfect tool and great addition to my blogging bullet journal! Thanks so much :D I’ve seen a lot of these printables but I have to say the quote idea is genius!

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