Achievement Unlocked! [free printable!]

Guess what?

As of yesterday I have accomplished one of my goals for this year!

Yeah, I know… that was quick.  Quite surprising too, considering I’m one of the best procrastinators I know.  This was a goal I didn’t think I’d end up doing first, but something just hit me and I went all for it.  What was the goal?

Make my own blog planner.

I started it on the 2nd around 8:30pm.  The time matters because my mom and I were out doing errands and at the bookstore for most of the day.  I had no intentions of starting it that night, but when I got home I wanted to test out InDesign to see if I could get used to it and next thing I knew it was four hours later and I had just about the entire planning worksheet done.

I didn’t actually finish the worksheet until last night.  Man, was I excited when it was finished.  I guess that’s what you feel though when you teach yourself a new program and make something from it.  I can only hope it’s that easy when I go to learn Adobe After Effects.

So what is this blog planning worksheet?  It’s basically a content planner for a post you want to upload.  Yes, you!  I say that because I am giving it out as a free printable in hopes it will help some other bloggers who want to organize their posts, you know, organize their posts.  It’s kind of a good way to make sure you don’t miss a thing before hitting the ‘publish’ button.

indesign planner

I do plan on making more worksheets, in fact, I made two more today.  The only thing I’m battling with is whether I should put them up on Etsy together as a little kit for bloggers (because there are so many already).  I guess the good thing about mine is it’s more for beginner bloggers. The sheets are easy and don’t include things like blog stats or income sheets, since most new bloggers are not keeping track of that right away.

GET THE worksheet HERE

The particular sheets I’m thinking about doing in this kit are an idea checklist, social media schedule for promoting new and old posts, and a monthly blog schedule for those who have a lot of posts written and want to schedule them for certain days.

Whatever I decide, I’m happy to have achieved a goal and have something that not only I can use, but anyone who is reading this post and wants to grab this worksheet!

2016, I’m kicking your butt already!

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4 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked! [free printable!]

    • Tabby says:

      Awesome! I’m glad you like it! I kind of combined elements of others I’ve tried, but I always felt they were missing something… which is why I just made my own, ha :)

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