5 Things [2015 edition]

Prompts are always fun, right?

5 things

I mean, they help you when you’re stuck and have no idea what to write.  That goes for any kind of writing – fanfiction, non-fiction, regular fiction, poetry and most importantly… blogging.  Thanks to Sophie over at Keep Going I found this list of December prompts for daily blogging.  However, since it’s already over halfway through the month, I’m just going to choose a few of the prompts to help me finish off the month and the end of my 2015 blogging.

Today I am choosing the prompt number two, which is….

What are five things that you have enjoyed the most about this year?

1.) First things first, I enjoyed the fact that I graduated college.  After six long years of classes, papers, changing majors and changing schools… I finally got my diploma this past spring.  Can I just say what a relief it is to not have to write papers anymore?  Or worry about presentations?  I do miss school in a way, but papers and projects are enough to keep me from going on to get a Master’s Degree (for now anyway).

2.) Working on a movie.  That was an experience I will never forget – and one you can read about here.  It wasn’t paid and they were long days (usually about 10-12 hours), but I had so much fun with my friends on set and meeting some new people in the cast and crew.  Then let’s not forget the moment of seeing the finished product at the premiere and seeing my name in the credits on the big screen.

movie cast and crew

3.) Going to Vermont, for the second time.  This year my mom and I went to Vermont for the second time (our first being August 2014).  It was part of a graduation present, in a way, to just get away from town for a while.  We drive 7-8 hours up to Burlington, VT and stayed for about 5 days.  The scary thing was that during those few days was when those escaped murderers had broken out of a state prison in New York and it was said they were supposedly seen going toward the Burlington area.  Other than that, my mom and I relaxed and enjoyed our time at the resort and going out and doing things like going to the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, downtown Burlington and more.

4.) Moving and setting up my new room.  While the moving part wasn’t so much fun, I really love my room (yes, I still do!).  I actually love my room so much that I did a room tour post and did a live room tour on Periscope last month.  I might have to record another room tour video that’s more structured to put up on YouTube… maybe next year.

my room pano

5.) Football.  Okay, okay… this is an every year thing I enjoy, but this year especially.  First of all, before I got my job a few weeks ago I was going up to my dad’s house every Sunday to watch the Giants’ games, including the Giants vs. Buffalo game that killed me inside (being a fan of both teams).  Secondly, my flag football boys started to play again this year after taking year off and I had a great time filming and editing some football videos this fall.  Though I still have the season finale video to edit… so there is one more video coming soon.

Those were just a few highlights of my year, but those were the ones that stand out the most.

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