Stupid Cold


About three weeks ago my Meteorology professor told our class that the coldest week of the year is, on average, January 15th-20th.

Apparently 2015 is not the average year.

Just when we think we’re getting away with a pretty decent winter, BAM!  We get hit with a snowstorm every single week.  I kid you not, I haven’t had my Magazine Writing class since January 12th, the first day of the semester, because of all these snowstorms (well, and a holiday or two).  My professor for that class is probably ready to rip her hair out at this point, and I don’t blame her.  It’s not like we have make-up days in college.  This weather has just been ridiculous.

My mom told me yesterday that Boston has gotten over ninety, NINETY, inches of snow from the past few storms.  Not that we haven’t gotten our fair share here in Connecticut, but thank God I don’t live there.

Other than being bombarded with snow, we’re also just now experiencing freezing temperatures.  Just the other morning my mom said it was -4º in the car when she went to work and today it was -27º with the wind chill!  I am so, so thankful that today is President’s Day and I didn’t have to go to school or my internship.  I’m sorry, but isn’t it supposed to start getting warmer as we work our way through February?!  This winter can’t end fast enough.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 6.51.15 PM

It’s not just cold… it’s stupid cold.

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9 thoughts on “Stupid Cold

  1. Stephanie Tania says:

    I can empathize since I live in Philadelphia. Although we haven’t gotten much snow, every day is an endless cycle of frigidness, esp with 30 mph Noreaster winds :( commuting to class is a struggle, esp since I have 8am classes 4 days a week.

  2. AbsentElemental says:

    I love the winters like this. I dread summer showing up and making me feel all sweaty and gross, so the handful of days it’s below zero in the winter are welcome reprieves for me.

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      We are definitely opposites then. I mean, I don’t like being sweaty and gross either, but I hate feeling like I’m going to freeze to death more.

  3. Atiya says:

    I can’t even imagine that much snow, it blows my mind that just a few hours north of where I live, you guys are buried under so much snow. Stay warm! Or try to at least :)

  4. Tabitha Wells says:

    On Sunday, it was -54F here… during the day. I don’t think Stupid Cold even begins to describe what we are having here. More photos have started spreading around of the old meme “Loading spring… load failed. Spring not available in Canada”. I’m starting to believe it!

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