My 2015 Goals

In my post, Goals for 2015, I basically said that rather than resolutions I make goals.  I guess there really is no difference between the two, but I personally prefer the term ‘goals.’  I figure to keep track of my goals I will post updates as the year progresses as well as leave my list right here for everyone to see.  As I complete each goal, and some will take a while, I will cross each item off as well as write a ‘completed’ post for that goal (if it fits).

Tabby’s Goals for 2015:
  • Graduate from college. (May 16th, 2015)
  • Get a job in the field that I love.
  • Eat somewhat healthier.
  • Complete another Goodreads Challenge.
  • Get into the habit of journal writing.
  • Do a home-study on at least one book of the Bible.
  • Donate money to an organization/cause.
  • Mail a handwritten letter to someone. (June 6th, 2015)
  • Start a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly feature on the orangeowldiaries.

17 thoughts on “My 2015 Goals

  1. countryheartbeat says:

    I need to learn how to cook, too! Haha. Love these goals and the idea of goals versus resolutions. Also, the art of sending a hand written card or letter is priceless. Do it a few times this year, especially to the older generations… they will really treasure it! :)

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      Thank you! It’s really the first time I’ve ever made any goals for the new year… hoping I can stick to it!

  2. mariannescottwriter says:

    People who set goals work toward them and as a result achieve their life desires. Good for you! I like this blog so much I’m going to follow you. No pressure though. Just keep plugging away.

    All the best.

    • Tabitha Guarnieri says:

      Thank you! I’m slowly working on my goals, ha. But some just have to happen in their own time (like landing the right job). I’ve checked out your blog as well :)

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