Interesting New Year’s Resolutions

Out of curiosity I searched what the popular New Year’s Resolutions are and as you can already guess, many of them are to lose weight/diet, quit smoking, save money, get fit, get a better eduction or something related to any of those.

However, one post from BuzzFeed caught my attention as it was called, ’49 New Year’s Resolutions Twenty-somethings Should Consider.’  I’m sitting there thinking, hey, I’m twenty-something, so I clicked on it and some of the resolutions are actually pretty good and are ones that I would even consider (and I may add them to my 2015 Goals List).

Since there is a link which you can refer to the entire list of resolutions I’ll only share the ones that I would consider adding to my own list.

14. Take a social media break.
I think this would be a great one to try. I’m not confident I could actually pull it off though, especially with my new internship requiring me to share links on their social media pages, but maybe I could try a few days without using my personal ones.

enhanced-11415-1419855278-1718. Have dessert for breakfast and breakfast food for dinner.
I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before or I have at least had breakfast for dinner (just about every night). I would make a conscious effort to do this once or twice this year.

19. Ditch phones when you’re eating with other people.
I’m usually not too bad about this one, but once in a while I pull out my phone to check it quick. I need to stop doing that.

24. Give more compliments.
It’s always a good feeling to make others smile.

27. Write someone a love letter.
Okay, so I might not be writing a love letter, but I might just go all early 90s and write someone a handwritten letter this year.

40. Learn to use Excel properly.

I honestly think a few of these will make it onto my 2015 Goals List so that I will actually have some drive to accomplish them.  After all, how awesome would it be for someone to receive a handwritten letter instead of a text or Facebook message?  I know I would love it.

If you’re interested in adding anything to your New Year’s Resolutions list, I would definitely go and check out this BuzzFeed post and pick out a few.  Many of the ones I didn’t list are interesting, they’re just not ready to be on my list.

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