Class of 2015… We Did It! {weekend recap}

No more papers, lectures or overly-priced textbooks for this girl because as of Saturday, I am a college graduate!


All I can really say is that graduation weekend flew by!  Though the graduation ceremony itself seemed to take a long time due to the speeches and having well over 1700 undergrads walk the stage, it was all just a blur at the same time.  I was very nervous going into the center to gather with my fellow graduates since I was convinced I would not be able to find anyone I knew to stand with.  See, they had separated us by schools (College of Liberal Arts, Business, Education, and Engineering) and my best friend was in the school of Education while I was in Liberal Arts.  Thankfully, I found my friend Brendan and a few of his friends to stand with and sit with during the ceremony.  Having them around eased my nerves and made the experience great.

tabby vicky graduation

So even though I wasn’t around my best friend during the actual ceremony, the main thing is that we went through this together and it’s just another milestone that we’ll get to go through together.

The following day I had my graduation party, which was a blast!  The majority of people who came was my family, with a few friends included.  Since I don’t get to see them as much as I used to, it was great to see everyone and talk to them.  Going into the party I didn’t think I’d be moving around that much, but I found myself buzzing around to everyone.  The best part was seeing everyone together and getting along and I’m hoping they all had a great time because I know I did.  And I’m incredibly thankful that they came, that the weather was amazing, and for my mom and aunt for stressing over the party to get it together in the time they did – it was perfect.

grad photo tassel

Thinking back to January it seemed that graduation was so far away… then it was here, and gone.  I can’t help but think how most of this semester I spent just wanting May 16th to be here so I could be officially done with college.  I know I’ll miss it at times, but right now I’m very happy to be done.  I think I’m just relieved that I’ll no longer have to stress about doing research papers and having anxiety over grades.

So congratulations to the Class of 2015 all around!  We did it!

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