My Year in Books

Well, it’s the last day of the year and I’m glad to say that once again I crushed my reading goal.  I originally only said I’d read 25-30 books, and then when I got close to that goal, I raised it to 45… then again to 55 books.  I still beat that final goal by six books, ending with a total of 61 books for the year.

One of my favorite aspects of Goodreads, aside from the Reading Challenge, is the ‘My Year in Books’ that they have at the end of the year to go over all the books you’ve read, as well as analyze your ratings, the pages read, etc.

So, on the last day of 2018, here’s my year in books!

And I have to say, yes, I did read my own book two months after I published it.  I needed to revisit my children, haha.  And I’ll probably read it again sometime in the next year.  Especially since I would like to go back into their story and continue on.

So here’s to another year of reading a ton of books!

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