The Baby Crib That Fell

Okay, story time once again!

Three years ago today a freak accident happened that left me extra cautious of falling objects and of hitting my head.  Ladies and gentlemen, I was hit by a falling 50lb. baby crib while working in the stockroom of Kmart, thankfully not on my head.

What happened was that I happened to be bringing items from our truck that day to their rightful places in the stock room and to get to some of those places, I had to pass the conveyor belt that brought items up to and down from the second floor.  It happened that one of my coworkers was bringing down a baby crib for a customer and he put the crib on the wrong way, so that it was standing on its side rather than lying flat on the belt.  Well, since it was so unstable, it fell.

Thank God my dad and other coworker saw it and told me to look out and I thank God even more that my reaction to their yelling was to duck rather than look up.  That 50lb. crib ended up hitting my back rather than my head, though the shock of that impact still left me with a concussion.  I had no other injuries other than that concussion that made it’s ugly appearance two weeks after the accident (who knows? it could’ve had something to do with my back) and lasted for a good four months, at least.

This was just yet another time that God saved my life because if I had looked up (like any normal person would’ve) instead of ducking to get under the actual belt than I for sure would not be sitting here in my living room telling you all about this day.

So the moral of the story here folks, beware the falling baby cribs.

It’s just like that darn ‘Rock-a-bye Baby’ song.

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4 thoughts on “The Baby Crib That Fell

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