Bloglovin’ It Up


Don’t judge the title… it’s pretty late right now.

Anyway, I came across Bloglovin’ a few months ago and signed up, but I honestly didn’t think I’d end up using it.

Well, I do.

I found quite a few new blogs that I fell in love with while browsing the site and I know I probably would not have found them without it.  There’s also the neat feature of being able to save blogs to read later or so that you can find them if you ever want to read it again or reference to it.  I personally prefer reading the blogs I follow on that platform rather than the WordPress Reader, partially because it’s also easier to follow blogs that are not WordPress related.

So for any of my dear blogging friends and readers of blogs, I highly suggest you sign up for Bloglovin’.  It’s definitely one of the best tools in the blogosphere.

Oh, if you click the image at the top of the post, you can follow me.

Just sayin’ ;)

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