Respect on the 4th

Happy Independence Day my fellow Americans!

This holiday is a great one to celebrate in remembering the founding of our country and in a sense, remembering those who have given their lives to keep us an independent country… right from the start.  But with celebrating this holiday I think we all need to remember one thing: respect.

The Fourth of July is the most popular holiday for fireworks.  Why?  I have no idea.  Personally, I hate them.  Yes, they can be pretty, but they’re loud and obnoxious, especially in the middle of a city/town at eleven at night.  Come on people, some of us do have to get up early the next day.

But most of all, the veterans and those who have lived through war-zones.  The fireworks scare them and trigger bad memories.  If you’re going to be shooting off fireworks, try finding an open field away from neighborhoods where these people might be living.  It’s disrespectful to shoot them off when they might be causing someone to have a panic attack.

One of my grandfathers came to the United States (legally) from Hungary not long after World War II.  He lived through a war zone where bombings happened quite often.  After coming the United States, the fireworks that we like to shoot off here on July 4th (and other holidays) triggered those memories and scared the living daylights out of him – it was almost like he was back in that war zone.

I’m just saying, think about these people if you’re going to shoot off fireworks in your backyard tonight (or any other night).  If you know for sure that no one in your area will have a panic attack, then at least don’t be shooting them off too late into the night.

Also, please don’t drink and drive folks.

And have a happy Fourth!

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