Patience is a Virtue, But I Still Hate Waiting

No one likes waiting, especially in this fast-paced society we live in.  That’s why we have overnight shipping and Amazon Prime – we want our things right away.  We want our news right away, so instead of waiting for the 5pm news, we go online.

But sometimes, we do have to wait.  And while patience is something that we value, we still don’t like it.

A lot of times we’re waiting for certain things to happen in our life – for someone to be healed, for a good-paying job, your future spouse, when you finally get that degree, etc.  Other times, as I mentioned above, we’re just excited when we order something and want it right away.  While it’s shallow to be impatient for an earthly item, it’s a little different at times when it’s something that you’ve had a hand in.

Like, a book, for instance.

I ordered the very first proof copy of my book the other day and chose faster shipping becasue I didn’t want to wait, yet I’m still sitting here like…

Really though, I think my impatience is slightly justified in this case because it is my first book after all.  I’m sure every new author is impatient and excited to get their first print copy of it.

At least I have work to distract me the next day and a half.

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