ShutterStock Portfolio

Stock photography is a cool thing, especially for bloggers.  I will often look to some sites that offer "free-use" photos when I am stuck and do not have an image of my own to use for my posts.  There are just some images that I have in mind, but have not been able to execute … Continue reading ShutterStock Portfolio

No Photography Like Book Photography

Hi, I'm Tabby, and I spend my free time taking photos of books. Since June of 2016 I have been an active member of the Bookstagram community - that is, those of us on Instagram who take photos of books and post them on a regular basis.  For the most part, each 'bookstagrammer' has an … Continue reading No Photography Like Book Photography

PicMonkey Is No Longer Free

Sure, you can still use their tools to edit a photo, but if you want to save it?  Well, then you'll have to purchase a membership. Without any real warning, PicMonkey has changed how they operate, and users are not happy. What makes matters worse is that if a free user goes on … Continue reading PicMonkey Is No Longer Free