Recreating Classic Images

I’m sure everyone has seen the classic ‘pages shaped into a heart’ book photo.  Well, it’s an image I’ve been wanting to do myself for a long time now and I finally grabbed a book of mine and went for it.


©2014 – Taken with Canon Rebel T3i

I had wanted to try to do an isolated color image since I have this nice pair of purple glasses, only the Canon T3i doesn’t have that feature.  Now, I could’ve done the isolated color feature in post, but I do have another camera that provides this for while I’m shooting.


©2014 – Taken with Canon Powershot ELPH 130 IS

I love the look of glasses resting on top of the book in this kinds of photos because a lot of people do wear reading glasses when they read.  I don’t necessarily need to wear my glasses when I read unless I don’t have my contacts in. The purple glasses in the picture above are actually my old set from about, 2 or 3 prescriptions ago.  I tend to keep an extra pair or two in case I lose or break my current pair and have no contacts left.

After I had finished with my mini-session in the sun room, I decided to bring my gear and everything up to my room to try something different with the book photo.


©2014 – Taken with Canon Rebel T3i

I had seen some where there was a white-ish background which, to me, looked like the books were placed on a bed. I could be wrong, however, I still used my bed and turned down my sheets so the white was showing and began to take more pictures.  I didn’t like many of them as much as the earlier batch, but this one happened to stand out.

So I feel my little project of recreating a classic image was a success and I had fun doing it.

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