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Stock photography is a cool thing, especially for bloggers.  I will often look to some sites that offer “free-use” photos when I am stuck and do not have an image of my own to use for my posts.  There are just some images that I have in mind, but have not been able to execute properly on my own (usually because I do not have a model for images I’d need one for).

As of late I also find myself using these sites to find images for when I have to post online content at work so we can avoid getting in trouble for copyright infringement.

I’ve uploaded some content of my own in the past on both and Pixabay as those are the two sites I often use the most when I’m searching for images.  I know that the ones I’ve uploaded to Pixabay have gotten a good number of downloads and it makes me happy to see that people like my photos enough to use them.

Lately I’ve been trolling ShutterStock for images for that “secret project” I’m working on (which I will clue y’all on in soon!) though I would need to set aside some money so I’d be able to purchase the licenses for those photos.  I have also looked on Unsplash and Pixabay for images similar to what I’m looking for because hey, if I can get content to use for free without copyright infringement, awesome!

But while I was looking on ShutterStock, I thought to myself, hey I have some good images that might be useful to other people for their projects.  Why not see if I can get them on here as well?

So I signed up for ShutterStock as a contributor, got accepted, and got four of my first six images approved for use.  You can check out my portfolio link to see some of my work.  Again, I only have four images live right now, but I will be slowly adding more to my page.

What sites do you use for stock images?

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