It’s been lovely, but I have to scream now

Hey friends.  It’s been a while… like three weeks?  Yeah, that sounds about right.

Apparently, when you’re a blogger, you’re not “supposed” to point out that you’ve been absent for a while, but I don’t typically follow the “rules of blogging” either.  Why?  Well, everyone is different and you shouldn’t be told how to run your personal blog.  That’s why.

Anyway, I feel the need to point out that I haven’t written in three weeks because I need to be honest with y’all.  No, I’m not shutting down the blog.  I’m just… everywhere.  Mentally, that is.  Having three weeks in between semesters was not nearly enough time for me to come down from the stress of my first semester of grad school and rejuvenating for semester number two.  I need more like, a month and a half to get myself together before jumping in, but alas, here I am three weeks into a new semester and wishing it was May so I’ll be done with it.

Aside from school, there are just some personal things going on in my life that are adding to my stress, which if I’m honest, these personal things are taking precedence over my school stress.  Then of course, putting my school stress aside makes me stress more because I start feeling like I’m not doing my best in my classes, and I’d really like to keep this 4.0 GPA going for at least my first year of grad school.

So what I’m saying is… I’m stressed.  And tired from the stress.

I seriously need like, a five month vacation from everything.

Or to just scream…

So how have you all been?

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6 thoughts on “It’s been lovely, but I have to scream now

  1. Emily @ Mixed Margins says:

    I’m sorry that you’ve been stressed, but taking a break is perfectly fine. :) Take care of yourself first.

    (also as a person who went through grad school and now works in a grad studies office, I completely understand. take it one step at a time. it will all be okay.)

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