Making the Most of Free Time

Free time probably seems like a foreign concept to many people.  Between having a job, going to school and taking care of a family, what adult has free time?

Well, recent college graduates, for one.  Maybe not all of them, but we cannot ignore the fact that finding a job after college can be rough.  Unfortunately, as you all know, I’m experiencing this right now.  The job hunt is endless and though I’ve gone to a few interviews, I haven’t landed a job just yet.

As you can imagine, I have tons of free time on my hands right now.

making use of free time

Being home alone all day is a good way for someone to slowly slip into madness (which I think I started the descent to madness years ago, but for other reasons).  So the question is, how does one keep from losing their mind during the unemployment phase of their life?

Easy, do things.

I’m not talking about watching TV or playing video games, which I mean, you can do anyway… but trust me, it gets tiring doing nothing all day long (weird, right?).  And those are two surefire ways to put yourself into a temporary depression.  No, I’m talking about doing things that will teach you new skills or something that will benefit you or others.

Ways to Make the Most of Unexpected Free Time:
  • Learn a new skill.  This can vary greatly.  Some skills that I can think of to learn would be photography, photo/video editing, creating graphics or effects, web design, or cooking.  But there are plenty of other skills you can learn.
  • Learn a new language.  I guess you can consider this a skill, but since there are so many languages to learn, I’m keeping this separate.  I started using Rosetta Stone for French, but got a little (more like a lot) off track during the move.  I also really want to learn American Sign Language soon.
  • Learn more about your favorite subjects.  If there’s a topic that you want to make yourself an expert in, then learning all you can about that subject is a great way to make use of your extra free time.  Especially after college when there’s a topic you always wanted to dive into more, but the semester was never long enough to learn it all in class.
  • Write.  Writing can help you express your feelings during a hard time in your life, including unemployment.  This could turn into a habit of journal writing, or starting a blog.  It doesn’t have to be that type of writing though, you can start writing fiction if that’s where your mind goes.  I know I’m personally working on finishing up some of my old fan-fictions (because I hate leaving them unfinished).
  • Start a new workout routine.  People like to say they would work out if they had the time, so if you find yourself with a load of free time, maybe now is the time to start it.
  • Go for walks.  Walks can be a way to get some exercise, and it’s my preferred method of being active.  Going for walks can also just be relaxing if you’d rather take your time instead of power-walking.  It’s a good way to let your mind wander and reflect on everything.
  • Read.  You know that book you said you’d read when you have free time?  Well, get to it!  It’s nice to be able to enjoy books that aren’t textbooks.
  • Do a personal Bible study.  There are plenty of books that concentrate on one theme or book of the Bible that can be done yourself (or with a friend or two).  It’s a great way to learn more about God’s Word instead of just reading through it without any in-depth thought to what’s being said.
  • Start a new personal project.  This could vary as well, meaning that you can work on some arts and crafts you’ve been wanting to do, create a new website for yourself or a friend, start a YouTube channel, create a personal video project just for kicks, start a podcast, crochet a blanket, redecorate a room in your home… the list basically goes on.

What are some things you’d do if you had an extended period of free time?  

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