Selena Gomez’s “Revival” [album review]

As I’m sure you all have heard, Selena Gomez’s fifth studio album, Revival, was released last Friday.  This was a big deal for her and her fans since not only has it been two years since her previous album, Stars Dance, but this is also the first album that she’s had complete creative control over.

Let me take a moment to say that, yes, I am a Selena fan.  I have been not-so patiently waiting for this album to be released.  I’m long overdue for some new music on my iPod.

So my overall thought about Selena’s new album… it’s good, but it’s not my personal favorite.

selena gomez revival review

As it is with any album, there are songs that are good and songs that aren’t so good.  Unfortunately, there are no songs on this album that hit me hard like her 2014 single ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants,’ but I do like a handful off Revival.

So what are the best songs off the album?  I’d have to say that Kill Em With Kindness,’ Nobody,’ ‘Camouflage,’  Same Old Love,’ and the bonus track Cologne’.  If I have to pick just three, then the first three I listed there are definitely the top tracks of the album.  By no means are those the only songs I like from the album… those are just the ones that stand out the most to me.

Two other songs I fully enjoy are the title song Revival’ and Sober,’ and by that I mean I enjoy the music and lyrics of the songs.  I will also admit that I like Me & the Rhythm’ and after hearing it twenty-thousand times on the radio, Good For You’.  The difference between these four songs are that I enjoy the latter two based off their catchiness and that I find myself humming/singing the songs at random moments.  Though personally, I’d like ‘Good For You’ much more if we left the bridge by A$AP Rocky out of the song (who even is this guy?).

The three songs I can say that I think are just for the lack of a better word, terrible, are Hands To Myself,’ Me & My Girls’ and Body Heat’.  I knew within the first 30 seconds of the song that I didn’t like them, and I’m normally one to give a song a full listen-through before judging it (and on that note, I did listen to these tracks all the way through).

But as I said, overall this album is good for Selena’s comeback to the music scene.  The tracks are definitely different than those of her previous albums and you can definitely sense that these songs are more personal to her.

What do you think of Selena’s new album?

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