Danger Zone

Have you ever watched a football game and noticed how many times the players knock over or nearly knock over the people on the sidelines?  I’m not just talking about their coaches and burly teammates, but the sideline refs, water & equipment boys, security men and more importantly… the media crews.

Yes, the media crews – the people responsible for getting that sideline and close up action.

Sometimes we even get to see the shots of when the players almost hit them and their cameras. It’s funny for us because the camera shakes everywhere, but it’s pretty scary for them.  I mean, these huge men in a ton of gear are speeding at them and can’t always stop themselves.  If they get hit, it’s not going to be pretty.  But they risk it to get the footage we crave of these games… and I’m guessing they don’t care about that danger because they love their job.

I remember the first football game I went to in Buffalo in 2010 and how I immediately noticed the different media people on the sidelines.  In between plays I would find my eyes watching them and their actions.  Seeing them out there set something off in my brain – I wanted to be one of those people… and that year I became one.

You know… just not a professional, or paid, one.

The fall of 2010 was when I started to film flag football by the request of my cousins and some friends.  Subsequently, I came up with a production company name about two months into filming these videos, rather than just placing “A T.K. Production” at the end of each video.

Now, I realize that my boys of fall, as I call them, are nowhere as terrifyingly huge as the pros, but if one of them ever runs into me they’d take me down no problem.  My first season filming them, I propped myself up onto the bleachers and stayed a good few feet away from the sidelines when I was on their level.  The year after, I got right on the end of that sideline and even into the end zone on occasion for some head-on action shots.

And it doesn’t scare me.

I’ve had some close calls over the years with the boys nearly hitting me when they go out-of-bounds.  I always make sure to put those moments in the videos because sometimes those were the best plays of the game.  Other times it’s just funny to let the unsuspecting public think that the camera girl got hit while filming.  I don’t know if they actually think that or not… but I assume they do.

I like to joke and say that I’m in training for when I eventually am on the sidelines of a real college or NFL game filming the action.  Of course, at that point I’ll probably be terrified to be there, but I’ll be so excited I won’t care.  And hey, as long as I keep some of my cat-like reflexes and get out of the way while filming, I should be good.


Well, in any case.  This past Saturday I was filming my flag football boys and had four close calls… four!  It’s actually a rare case for me to have a close call with the boys, yet this week I nearly got hit four times.  No wait, I did get hit… but not where I fell over or got hurt.  One of the players’ legs hit my leg just below my knee when the two boys fell over.

For the video this week, I only included two of the near-takedowns as they were the only completed plays of the four.  But one of them was the one that hit my legs and I’m sure you could probably guess which one it was.

So again, these might not be ginormous NFL players I have the pleasure of working with each week, but I still have a possibility of getting hurt if they ever do run into me.  I have a danger zone doing whatI love, and it excites me.

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5 thoughts on “Danger Zone

    • Tabby says:

      It is. I can’t imagine how the professionals feel after a game! It is, it’s basically not fall if there’s no football. I don’t know why I was never into football as a kid.

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