I know, I know... baseball season just started, but you know what?  The NFL Draft isn't too far off, so it's a reason to write about football. I'll be honest, football is really the only sport I watch because I think it's the most exciting.  I used to watch baseball, but now it seems to … Continue reading Football

Thanksgiving Flag Football!

This past Saturday was a whopping 67 degrees (give or take a few) here in my region of New England.  And what better way to spend it than filming some flag football? It's been just about a year since I've gone out to film my boys playing this great game due to the fact that … Continue reading Thanksgiving Flag Football!

Danger Zone

Have you ever watched a football game and noticed how many times the players knock over or nearly knock over the people on the sidelines?  I'm not just talking about their coaches and burly teammates, but the sideline refs, water & equipment boys, security men and more importantly... the media crews. Yes, the media crews … Continue reading Danger Zone