I know, I know… baseball season just started, but you know what?  The NFL Draft isn’t too far off, so it’s a reason to write about football.

I’ll be honest, football is really the only sport I watch because I think it’s the most exciting.  I used to watch baseball, but now it seems to go on too long, and I never go into watching other sports on TV.  Funnily enough, football is the one sport I never had the chance to play much in high school gym class.

In any case, not only do I love watching football – I also love producing football videos.  Over the past six years I’ve filmed my cousins and friends playing flag football and it never gets old. There’s always something different about their games that make them unique, thus giving each video a special quality that makes it right for whatever song I chose for it.

Since it’s not football season, or even flag football season, I’ll share a few of my favorite videos that I’ve done over the past few years.

I could watch these videos all day.

You can find more on my website, Natural Chance Productions, if you want to watch more.

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