Winter Storm Elsa

Well guys and gals, it’s finally happening here in CT.

I think everyone who has seen the movie Frozen has been waiting for the day when a winter storm that was heading their way is named after the Ice Queen of the movie.  Or it might just be me, I can’t speak for everyone.

When I saw that my local news channels were referring to the coming storm as Winter Storm Elsa, I burst out laughing.  It’s perfect – especially since it’s expected that my corner will get anywhere from eight inches to two feet of snow!

Though I’m sick of the snow and I’m beyond ready for spring to arrive, I wouldn’t be too upset over having a snow day off from work.  I’ll be able to get some packing done for our move and maybe I’ll be able to get some writing done.  Of course there’s always school work to be done, but at this point it’ll be to get ahead for the week so I can start spring break a little early.

I can say right now that I’ll most likely do some packing and writing… probably some reading too.  I haven’t read much in the last few days (because I’m incapable of choosing a dang book) so if I don’t start reading one tonight, I will tomorrow.

I might be a little too giddy about the name of the winter storm, but that’s just my Disney nerd showing.  I even texted my best friend about it, since she lives in Alabama now.

Seriously though, after Elsa passes through, I’m done with winter.

What’s your favorite activity during a snow day?

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