Reactions to Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie


My friends, after thirteen years, we finally got our second Hey Arnold movie that followed the cliffhanger ending, The Journal, and revealed the fate of his long-lost parents.  I’m seriously grateful for all of my fellow fans who petitioned non-stop over the last decade to get this movie going, and for Nickelodeon and Craig Bartlett to comply and make it happen!  I was literally a child again last night watching this movie and I was not disappointed!

And now I need to gush about how awesome it was!  And fair warning, there will be spoilers because I cannot contain my excitement!!  I’ve waited for this movie for so long!

So for those of you who have been living under a rock and haven’t known that Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie was happening, here’s the trailer to warm your 90s hearts.

Gives you chills, right?

The movie immediately recalls parts of the last Hey Arnold episode, The Journal, where Arnold finds a map of San Lorenzo that could lead him to where his parents were last known to be.  It’s a year later, however, as the P.S. 118 gang are now just ending the 5th grade and the animators changed up their looks a bit so we can tell they’re older.

Instead of going into detail of the plot to review this movie, I think it’s best to just sum up my feelings about some of the important plot points in the movie.

1. Helga (once again) admitting her feelings to Arnold and his flat out rejection because he’s so wrapped up in trying to find his parents.

Helga actually does a pretty good job at summing up everyone’s feelings in that moment.

2. Olga joining the trip to San Lorenzo

3. Curly being, well, Curly.

4. When Arnold and his class first meet Eduardo for the boat right at the beginning of the trip.

5. The animation of the city of the Green-Eyed People.

Bravo animators.  I hope they got paid immensely for that piece of work.

6. The Green-Eyed kids going savage on La Sombra.

I mean, stabbing the guy with a dart and then jumping him?  I wouldn’t mess with them!

7. Helga sacrificing her locket to save Arnold’s parents, and Arnold reuniting with his parents.

8. The fact that Brainy is the real hero because he was the one to retrieve Helga’s locket and put the picture of Arnold back together.

9. When they teased that Arnold was just dreaming the events of the movie.

10. Arnold kissed Helga!!!!!



And then my initial response to the entire movie in general can be summed up as such…

The movie was amazing.  They did not disappoint and quite honestly, other networks that have been rebooting old 90s shows could take a pointer or two from the Hey Arnold creators (Cartoon Network, I’m looking at you).  I cannot wait for this movie to come out on DVD so I can re-watch it until I can recite by memory!

There is a possibility that Nickelodeon and the creators will green-light a new season of Hey Arnold if the movie got enough of a good reaction (which, based on Twitter, I think it did).  So hopefully you’ll soon see me geeking out about a new season of Hey Arnold!

Did you know about and/or see Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie?

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